Where Can I Find a List of College Open Houses?

Are you looking for a list of college open houses? Are you in the process of comparing colleges to make the best choice based on your interests and your budget? If you want to get a jump start on the application process, consider attending a college open house appointment first. With so many different schools to choose from, you may need to narrow your list of potential schools before you start the open house registration process. After you have narrowed down your list and you have only to most realistic options to choose from, it is time to schedule your open house visit. Here are some tips on locating open house schedules so that you do not miss out for the upcoming semester.

What is an Open House Visit?

Open house programs can be found at many public and private universities and community colleges. The purpose of these programs are to give prospective students and their families the opportunity to meet with staff, faculty and even sports coaches. During the open house appointment, you may have an admissions appointment, take a college tour, and sit down for an informational conference that will discuss everything you need to know.

Where to Find a Detailed List of Open House Programs?

Now that you understand why attending an open house can be so beneficial, it is time to learn where you can find a list of programs on specific campuses that you are interested in. The availability for individual visits and group visits is dependent on your registration and whether or not you submit the registration early enough.

One of the best places to locate the upcoming dates for college open houses is to visit a local high school counseling office. High school counselors are given the most up-to-date list of open house schedules so that high school seniors can make plans in advance to attend. Most of the lists that are posted with the counseling office include colleges in the state and are updated as they are received. If a college that you are interested in is not on the list and you would like to find out if there is a date for this program, you may be able to speak with your counselor to see if they have contacts with the college.

Check With the State’s Counselor Association

If you are not in high school or the counselors at the school are not able to help you, another way to gain access to a college open house list without contacting each institution directly is to access a list posted by the State’s Counselor Association. State associations grant membership to counseling departments and also to professionals in the field. By visiting the state’s association website, you can find a list of open houses that colleges are holding in October and November, when most traditional open house programs are scheduled.

Preparing for the college application period is extremely important. Accessing statistics of the number of students who apply to a school and the percentage of students accepted can help you gauge how likely it is that you will grant acceptance. After you gauge likeliness, you can then visit these schools and see which campus is better to you. Now that you know how to find a list of college open houses, it is time to start planning.

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