How Do I Schedule a College Tour?

Are you interested in learning how to schedule a college tour? If you are in high school or you are ready to start submitting your applications to colleges as a re-entry student, it is important to know what options are out there. You may have a dream school that you have always imagined attending throughout your college career, but other colleges and universities could offer you better facilities and better amenities. The only way to tell if you are going to like the atmosphere and the location of the college is to take a tour. Here is your guide to scheduling college tours.

Make a List of the Schools You Want to Attend

The very first thing that you need to do is make a list of the schools that you are interested in attending. You can start doing your research about colleges and universities before you even schedule a tour. Many times, you will find out all of the information that you need to know about class options, departments, campus life events and more by visiting the school’s website or ordering a brochure.  Do some research to find affordable colleges that fit your budget.  By narrowing down your list of options, you can decide which schools are worth touring. After all, the information can help you but it is not going to tell you which school is the right fit for you. If you are scheduling tours at campuses far from your home, a little bit of background work can save you a great deal of time and money.

Contacting the Registrars Office to Schedule Your Tour

A guided tour on campus will help you feel comfortable about transitioning from one school to another. It can also help you see what college life is like before you officially register. If you want to get guided around by students who are part of the orientation process, you can arrange your guided tour by contacting the registrars office. The best time to be able to schedule your guided tour is during the summer months when many students do not attend school. Some of the schools that are in the highest demand offer daily tours throughout the summer. Be sure to see when the spring semester ends and the fall semester begins before you make your call or select a date.

You may also have the option to schedule a personalized tour that is tailored to the students’s needs in your group. If you have a large group of students from your school or your vicinity that would like to tour the college you will be traveling to, let the registrar’s office know and see if a special guided tour is an option. If the school has tours available during the school year, you may be able to get a better picture of what campus life is actually like.

Not only must you consider where you would like to attend school and which campuses have the programs that you plan on enrolling in, you also need to familiarize yourself with campus life. As you are planning to visit colleges, be sure to plan on a budget. To schedule a college tour, start by grouping the colleges into regions, plan when to visit and contact the various registrars offices. A tour is a great way to  get a good idea of how you will fit in to campus life.