What Are the Most Popular Majors

The most popular majors for college students range across a variety of fields. No matter what your interests, it is likely that you can find a future career in one of the many majors that are at the top of the list. Many of the popular major choices also have growing career prospects, making them a great choice when planning your future.


Business administration and management degrees are the most popular major choice. There are a variety of reasons this field is so popular. You can gain employment with a bachelor degree, or you can continue on for an MBA. You can also work for a few years, finishing your MBA on the side, through online or evening classes. Graduates with a bachelor degree may find jobs in a variety of roles, and the number of companies that require individuals trained in business practices is huge.


Healthcare related degrees are among the most popular majors today. Nursing degrees are among the most popular in the healthcare segment, with RN and BSN, both degrees for registered nurses, incredibly popular. In addition to being a popular choice, the demand for registered nurses is strong, and expected to remain so. Individuals interested in healthcare but not as interested in hands-on treatment may consider a degree in biology or biotechnology. This degree allows you to enter high tech healthcare fields, such as stem cell research and genetic engineering.

Computer Science

Computer science is fast becoming one of the most popular majors studied. Individuals who earn a computer science degree will be ready to enter the technology field as software developers, web developers, database administrators, network analysts and many other positions. Individuals interested in staying on the cutting edge of technology may pursue work in artificial intelligence and other advanced engineering methods.


Education majors are another top choice among college students. While all education degrees are popular, early education in particular is a strong field. Graduates with a degree in education are prepared to enter the workforce. Many education graduates are employed in their field with a four year degree, but go on to earn their master’s part-time. Employers often offer tuition assistance and incentives to continue your education while employed in the school system.

Criminal Justice

A criminal justice degree prepares you for a wide range of career options. While many people earn this degree with the thought of becoming a law enforcement officer, there is a growing demand for individuals trained in criminal justice in a wide range of sectors. State and federal agencies, such as Homeland Security, the FBI and CIA are interested in criminal justice graduates. If you are interested in working in the private sector, legal assistants are often criminal justice graduates.


Communications graduates have a wide variety of job options available, although they often have to compete with English graduates for opportunities. A degree in communications prepares you for a job in advertising, public relations, and reporting. You will also be well-suited for positions that require strong speech writing or public speaking skills.

Selecting a college major is one of the most important decisions of your adult life, and can seem overwhelming. Selecting one of the most popular majors allows you to choose from a variety of schools, and be confident that there is a demand for your degree in the workforce.