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Did you know?

Some interesting facts about going to college:

• When faced with the difficult decision of choosing from the many higher education options available today, many students make an impulsive decision. As a result, there are around 1.25 million transfers and 1.12 million dropouts nationwide annually.

• With only 14% of freshmen choosing to attend college 500 or more miles away from mom and dad, more than 37% selected a school that is no more than 50 miles away from their hometown.

• As 2.35 million college students enroll in U.S. institutions each year, statistics show that earning a degree is still worth it despite rising tuition costs. While individuals with a high school diploma earn an average of $651 each week, those with a bachelor’s degree make $1,108 and those with a master’s degree earn $1,329 weekly.

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