5 Great Apps for Culinary Arts Students

Learning how to cook is a passion for many around the world, and you are looking to do that for a living by learning as much as you can during your time as a culinary arts student. Of course, what you learn from textbooks and your instructors is invaluable. However, those are not the only places to discover information as there are great apps out there with a tremendous amount of useful information as well.

Culinary Fundamentals

As its name suggests, this app is full of all of the fundamentals, which is great to have in one place. More than 250 videos show you how to do a variety of things like precision cuts and food prep. This app was created by a number of chef instructors from around the world and is perfect for beginning culinary students as well as serving as reminders for cooks with a bit more experience under their belts.

Gojee Food and Drink Recipe

This app will help you tap into the experimental side of your brain as you enter just a few ingredients into it, and it searches for recipes that can be used with just those ingredients. Before long, you will be inventing dishes such as these yourself once you see how it can be done. Of course, a side benefit is that as a likely starving college student, you can also use this app to create delicious meals when your cupboards and refrigerator are a bit emptier than you would like.

Herb & Spice Helper

Much of cooking a meal with just that right flavor is understanding herbs and spices, which ones to use, how much to use and in which combination. Fortunately, this app will help you understand everything there is to know about herbs and spices. It also provides information on alternative herbs and spices that you can use if you run out of something and don’t want to or do not have time to pick up more. More than 70 herbs and spices are detailed.

How to Cook Everything

Mark Bittman, a former New York Times columnist and revered food author, is the mastermind behind this app, which provides chefs and would-be chefs with thousands of recipes and a number of features such as a timer and a no-sleep mode. You can also use it to print recipes and shopping lists and add your own notes to its contents. The app is based upon and contains everything from the famous cookbook by the same name, and all of this information can be retrieved at any time, no network connection necessary.

Kitchen Timer

This app’s attraction is its simplicity and usefulness. As you likely surmised from its name, it is a kitchen timer, but it is so much more than that. For one thing, you can set as many alarm times as necessary. Say you are cooking a major meal with a number of side items, and several members of your family and friends will be arriving. You could then set timers for when each of those items will be done, when you need to do things like increase or decrease the temperature and when you expect people to start arriving. So much of the art of cooking is timing, and this app will help you get a handle on that aspect of it.

As with anything in life, learning is an ongoing journey, and the culinary arts are no different. Fortunately, apps such as these are perfect for continuing to learn more about your passion throughout school as well as after you enter the field.

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