5 Podcasts for Chefs and Restaurateurs

Five Must-Listen Podcasts For Chefs And Restaurateurs

  • The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Hungry
  • The Sporkful
  • Cooking Issues With David Arnold
  • Secret Sauce – The Restaurant Marketing Podcast
  • The Splendid Table

Podcasts are quickly becoming a great way for the public to learn about new interests and grow their understanding of various industries. The culinary industry is among the most popular; foodie podcasts that feature reviews and interviews with high-profile chefs and restaurateurs are some of the most-downloaded in the field. But there are a handful of podcasts that can help professionals in the industry as well; with business insights and information on workflows, the below podcasts should be on every culinary professional’s rotation.

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The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Hungry

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry is a great podcast for those who are interested in learning how the restaurant world works in Australia. Run as a fun side project by Lee Tran Lam, the podcast focuses on different restaurants in the country and the people who run them. With a focus on international cuisine, this is a great podcast for budding restaurateurs who are interested in building their own establishment in the near future.

The Sporkful

A great podcast for restaurateurs specifically is The Sporkful. Produced by WNYC and hosted by author Dan Pashman, this podcast focuses on interviews and insights into the restaurant world. While food is a common topic, more time is spent discussing how independent restaurant owners got their start, any mistakes they have made, and innovations they have developed over their time in the industry. The program is a great choice for restaurateurs who are looking for new tips and tricks to make their establishment a success.

Cooking Issues With David Arnold

Chefs who are interested in the science and art of cooking will want to check out Cooking Issues with chef David Arnold. This podcast focuses on questions from his listeners, which he then makes an entire episode about, providing both at-home cooks and chefs with a variety of ways to solve their cooking dilemmas. He also sometimes hosts interviews with other chefs, bartenders, food critics, and other culinary professionals to join the show. The focus is, however, on the food itself as well as the techniques used to create specific dishes.

Secret Sauce – The Restaurant Marketing Podcast

Secret Sauce is a restaurateur’s dream podcast and should be a regular listen for business owners. This podcast focuses on the marketing aspect of the field, including case studies from restaurants and their successes and failures. Online marketing solutions are also featured on this highly popular podcast, which has been downloaded in over 120 countries so far. As stated in the name, this series of interviews and helpful tips were designed to help restaurateurs build up their business, which makes up one part of the secret sauce that can turn a restaurant that’s not great with marketing into a popular destination.

The Splendid Table

The Splendid Table is one of the best podcasts out right now for both chefs and restaurateurs. From discussing cultural differences in food to elaborating on myths surrounding the culinary profession, this podcast, which is updated weekly, provides education and informative reviews for interested listeners. It is also one of the longest-running podcasts available, having been established in 2009. With an archive like this on hand, chefs and restaurateurs will definitely find insights within the 640 or so episodes listed.

Publications like Bon Appetit are always directing their readers to new podcasts about food, but it’s not just the public that can learn something from it; chefs and restaurateurs would also benefit. From learning about the mistakes of one restaurant owner to understanding how kitchens work in different parts of the country, culinary professionals can get more insight on the industry that they call home. Whatever the position, whatever the profession, podcasts help those in the culinary industry understand their work from an inside and outside perspective.