What is the Employment Outlook for the Field of Culinary Arts?

If you possess inherent culinary skills and you would like to get technical training to expand them, it is important to research the employment outlook for the field of Culinary Arts first. Going to school can help you develop while you compete for kitchen jobs at some of the leading restaurants in the nation. While a degree is almost always a must for even self-trained home chefs, knowing whether or not jobs are available in the field is important. Here is what you need to know about the job outlook and what you can expect after graduation:

What is the Overall Job Outlook for Head Chefs and Cooks?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for head chefs, cooks, and other culinary specialists is on the rise. The agency has gathered the numbers and determined that the field will grow by an estimated 9 percent between 2014 and 2024. Based on this growth, it is estimated that there will be about 11,300 more jobs. This growth is faster than the average in the nation which is 7 percent.

Why is the Job Outlook in Culinary Arts So Positive?

People love to eat and they definitely love to eat in fine dining restaurants. It is this fact and the fact that many head chefs are nearing retirement that contributes to projected growth in the field. There is also a growing population of foodies who have an appreciation for high-quality dishes that satisfy them and justify the cost of eating out.

The demand for healthier meals is also creating more job prospects in grocery stores, fine dining restaurants, and cafeterias where chefs can oversee the food preparation and create new meal ideas. Completing a culinary arts program will help you learn new techniques so that you can create delicious and appealing dishes while still keeping health-conscious diners in mind.

Job Outlook is Dependent on Several Different Factors

Job outlook data is not so positive in every region. If you are trying to decide where you will work, it is important that you recognize how your area has an effect on your job prospects. If you are worried about job placement after training, you should take a look at areas where the best jobs are located.

Typically, you will find higher paying jobs in metropolitan areas where the population tends to eat out more. If you are open to relocating, you should not have a problem getting your foot in the door after you have proven that you have developed your kitchen chops. Some of the best cities to search for high-paying culinary jobs include:

* Denver
* San Francisco
* Washington
* Bethesda
* Portland
* Seattle
* Los Angeles
* Philadelphia
* Chicago

If you want to create a fine dining version of the Philly cheese-steak or you would like to create a deconstructed Chicago deep dish pizza, you will be able to do this with an expert eye after you have completed a reputable culinary arts training program. It is important that you compare all of the culinary programs that are ranked at the top before you apply for one. After you have done the comparison, enroll in school so that you can decide where you want to study and where the best employment outlook for the field of culinary arts is.

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