Top 20 Online Political Science Bachelor’s Degree Programs

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The field of political science continues to evolve, and with renewed interest in the subject, more and more students are considering pursuing degrees in this area. The Bureau Of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts growth in the field to increase steadily by six percent through 2029.

A political science degree gives students the skills to be informed and engaged citizens. With courses that cover topics like international politics, American history, or comparative government theory, students develop a global perspective while learning how society works locally and nationally. This will impact their lives in all three sectors: non-profit groups/NGOs, governments agencies ​, and private businesses. Moreover, developing this knowledge empowers students within those fields and gives graduates the tools needed for change worldwide! 

Understanding how our communities are affected by economic issues helps us formulate better plans and responses to existing needs in those areas and provides a more global perspective on economics. A bachelor’s degree in political science promises the skills to think critically about economic issues and policies from both an international perspective and the local community’s needs.

Top 20 Online Political Science Bachelor’s Degree Programs

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Top 20 Online Political Science Bachelor’s Degree Programs

SchoolTuitionAcceptance RateGraduation RateStudent to Faculty RatioScore
University of Nebraska at Omaha$8,13682%49%16:18
Liberty University$21,58750%54%17:19
Northern Illinois University$12,35259%48%16:19
Southern New Hampshire University$9,65094%37%21:19
Kennesaw State University$6,43683%47%22:19
Rutgers University$15,00367%84%16:110
Pennsylvania State University – World Campus$13,98854%71%17:110
Washington State University$12,17080%59%16:110
Oregon State University$11,85882%69%18:110
Texas Tech University$11,60069%63%19:110
Arizona State University$11,33888%66%18:110
Old Dominion University$10,80095%53%18:110
University of Missouri – Saint Louis$10,57358%56%19:110
University of Central Florida$6,36844%74%13:110
Fort Hays State University$5,43091%46%19:110
University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth$14,40876%52%15:111
University of Arizona$12,71685%65%15:111
University of North Alabama$10,62083%50%15:111
Troy University$8,90892%50%18:111
University of Wisconsin – Whitewater$7,73580%62%20:111

Best Careers With a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science

Political Science students can earn a degree in history, journalism, and economics while developing skills like critical analysis through courses that cover international relations or political theory. A Bachelors Degree in Political Science is so versatile that it can prepare students for any of the following careers:

Getting an online bachelor’s degree in political science will give the student the flexibility to balance their studies with personal and professional obligations. Learners can explore all corners of this vast subject while strengthening critical thinking, analytical writing skills, and a deeper understanding of how politics affects our daily lives. 

With the constant emerging number of online degree programs available today, searching for the best fit can be exhausting. We made the search easier by researching and rating the top 20 best online undergraduate Political Science programs and including them on this list.


We looked at dozens of accredited colleges and universities that offer online Bachelor’s in Political Degree degree programs as per NCES College Navigator. To determine our final list of schools, we examined the percentage of applicants admitted (selectivity rate), graduation rates, student-to-faculty ratios, and undergraduate tuition rates. We then synthesized the collected information to develop our list of the 20 best online schools for political science. In the case of a tie, schools were given a higher ranking if their tuition was lower.

The methodology we used to determine our list of the 20 best online schools for Political Science is below.

Student to Faculty Ratio

15:1 and under- 3 Points

16:1 to 20:1- 2 Points

More than 20:1- 1 Point

Undergraduate Tuition/Fees

Less than $10,000/year- 3 Points

$10,001-$20,000/year- 2 Points

More than $20,000/year- 1 Point

Applicants Admitted

Less than 50%- 1 Point

More than 50%- 3 Points

Graduation Rate

50% or Greater- 3 Points

25%-49%- 2 Points

Less than 25%- 1 Point

The Top 20 Online Political Science Degree Programs

Best Online Political Science Bachelor’s Degree Programs

#20 – University of Nebraska at Omaha

Omaha, Nebraska

The University of Nebraska at Omaha (Omaha or UNO) is a public research university in the heartland that offers over 200 programs across six different colleges, with over 60 classroom and student facilities on three campuses. The institution is classified as “R2: Doctoral Universities – High Research Activity” by the Carnegie Classifications for Higher Learning Institutions. West of the Mississippi River, UNO was one of the first institutions to award doctoral degrees—the very first granted in 1896.

The 120 credit hour Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and the Bachelor of Science, Political Science degree programs at The University of Nebraska at Omaha can be completed online. These degrees are available with or without a concentration. Students may pursue a concentration in government affairs and civic engagement, foreign and national security affairs, law, the courts, political thought, race, ethnicity, and gender politics. Some courses included are:

  • Introduction to Political Science 
  • African Politics
  • Government and Politics of Nebraska
  • Campaigns and Elections 
  • The Politics and Practice of Human Rights
  • United States Foreign Policy

#19 – Liberty University

Lynchburg, Virginia

Liberty University is a private Evangelical university in Virginia with more than 20,000 students and offers 17 different colleges to accommodate their needs. The university’s main campus is found in Lynchburg, but most schools operate online. One of the largest Christian universities globally, LU is also one of America’s largest private non-profit universities by student enrollment. Studies have a conservative Evangelical orientation requiring three Bible-study classes for all undergraduate students.

The fully online, flexible-schedule Bachelor in Political Science degree program. The courses offered by Liberty University will be taught from a Christian perspective so that students can learn how to integrate biblical principles into their industry-standard best practices. This program covers both theoretical aspects and practical training to understand how various forms work from an objective standpoint. Featured courses in the curriculum include:

  • American Political Processes
  • American Exceptionalism
  • Christian Life and Biblical Worldview
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Introduction to Theology Survey
  • Constitutional Government and Free Enterprise

#18 – Northern Illinois University

Dekalb, Illinois

Eastern Illinois University (EIU) is a public university in Charleston, Illinois. Established in 1895 and located just an hour from St Louis, the university is divided into four undergraduate and graduate colleges. Notable alumni include John Malkovich, Jerry Van Dyke, and Joan Allen. EIU has a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,969, making it one of the smallest schools on our list.

The BA in Political Science with an Emphasis in Politics at Eastern Illinois University lets students complete the program at their own pace and is 100% online. The 36 credit hour program provides the student with the skills and knowledge to analyze social issues in depth. A few of the offered classes in various subfields of political science are:

  • Empirical theory and behavior
  • Introduction to Political Philosophy 
  • Constitutional Law I, II, and III
  • Politics of Environmental Health and Safety Regulation
  • Jurisprudence 
  • Government in Metropolitan Areas 

#17 – Southern New Hampshire University

Manchester, New Hampshire

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is a private, non-profit university founded in 1932. Located in the Greater Manchester area, it is accredited by the New England Commission for Higher Education. Notable alumni include Rebecca Adamson, the Cherokee businessperson and advocate who founded First Nations Development Institute First Peoples Worldwide. SNHU offers courses to students worldwide with over 90K online students.

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree program at Southern New Hampshire University promises to help the student gain a solid understanding of American political history, current events, and major parties. The fully online academic coursework provides students with insight into critical analysis skills that can be used for future careers and strengthens the ability to navigate complex ethical dilemmas during internship or placement opportunities. The degree program requires 120 credit hours with an allowance of 90 transfer credits. Coursework titles offered include:

  • The Legal System in America
  • Analysis and Research in Political Science
  • Globalization and World Politics
  • American State and Local Government
  • Political Theory
  • International Relations

#16 – Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw, Georgia

Kennesaw State University (KSU) is a public research university founded in 1963. It has more than 42,000 students making the university the second-largest university by registration in Georgia. KSU is part of the University System of Georgia and is classified among “R2: Doctoral Universities – High research activity” by the Carnegie Classifications for Higher Learning Institutions. 

KSU’s Bachelor of Science with a major in Political Science program is an online program requiring 120 credit hours (42 are General Education credits). This degree program is the undergraduate major of many law school attendees. It serves as an ideal liberal arts background for those interested in pursuing graduate studies in social science disciplines and many other career paths such as business, journalism, or public affairs work at all levels. Some unique courses offered for the BS, Political Science degree from Kennesaw State University are:

  • Religions of the World
  • Writing for Public Communication
  • The Anthropology of Death
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Race, Gender, and the Politics of Difference
  • Public Polling and Survey Techniques

#15 – Rutgers University-New Brunswick

New Brunswick, New Jersey

Rutgers University is a public land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant research university based in New Brunswick. Established as the eighth-oldest college in America in 1766, it was also one of nine colonial colleges established before the American Revolution. RU is the largest university in Rhode Island, with an enrollment of over 45 thousand undergraduate students. Considered a Public Ivy school, Rutgers University is a Big Ten Academic Alliance member and is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. 

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from RU is offered entirely online and completed at the student’s pace. The curriculum is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of politics and government. Students interested will take the Introduction To Political Science before applying. The university offers a variety of courses for this program, including:

  • The Socially Responsible University
  • New Jersey Politics
  • Urban Policy and Economic Development
  • The Legislative Process
  • Women and American Politics
  • The Supreme Court as a Political Institution

#14 – Pennsylvania State University

University Park, Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania State University ( PSU) is a public state-related land grant research university that participates in the sea and space programs. The school was founded in 1863 and is located just outside of Philadelphia. PSU is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. More than 46,800 graduate and undergraduate students are enrolled, making PSU one of America’s most prominent universities.  

Pennsylvania State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Political Science degree program that includes a unique blend of political science coursework in social sciences, mathematics, and statistics. This completely online Bachelor’s degree program will help prepare students with the practical skills they need, whether they end up working within government agencies or the private sector. The 120-credit degree program requires courses such as the following:

  • Calculus With Analytic Geometry I
  • Contemporary Political Ideologies
  • Empirical Legal Studies
  • The Politics of Terrorism
  • International Relations of the Middle East 
  • Data, GIS, and Applied Demography

#13 – Washington State University

Pullman, Washington

The public land-grant research university, Washington State University (WSU or Wazzu), is located in Pullman. Founded in 1890, WSU is one of the oldest land-grant universities in the American West. With an enrollment of 29,686, it is the second-largest institution for higher education in Washington state. WSU is accredited by the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities, and The Carnegie Classifications for Higher Learning Institutions classifies Wazzu as an “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity” university.

Washington State University’s Bachelor of Arts, Political Science degree offers two options: General; Pre-Law; and Global Politics. The program is entirely online and focuses on problem-driven research that tackles traditional and emerging public policy challenges in the United States and globally. The 120 credit house program is available entirely online and offers courses including:

  • The American Constitution
  • Development of Marxist Thought
  • Chicana/o and Latina/o Politics
  • History of American Indian Sovereignty and Federal Indian Law
  • Human Issues in International Development
  • Mao to Deng: The People’s Republic of China, 1949 – Present

#12 – Oregon State University

Corvallis, Oregon

Oregon State University (OSU) in Corvallis is a public land-grant research university participating in the sea-grant, space-grant, and sun-grant research consortia. The university was founded in 1868 and is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Made up of 13 colleges and schools, the on-campus enrollment of almost 39,000 makes it Oregon state’s largest university. OSU is classified among “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity” with an additional, optional designation as a “Community Engagement” university by the Carnegie Classifications for Higher Learning Institutions. 

The Political Science discipline at Oregon State University can be taken as part of the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree programs and offers the following emphasis options: Environmental and Energy Politics, International Affairs, or Law and Politics. Offered through OSU’s College of Liberal Arts, the courses are delivered online by OSU Ecampus. The program teaches the student how to investigate the stories behind today’s headlines and then decide how laws affect everyday issues. With a required 180 credit hours, the curriculum includes exclusive classes such as:

  • Sports and Politics
  • Sustainable Living: Practices and Policies
  • Japanese Politics
  • Global Food Politics and Policy
  • Constitutional Law: Government Powers and Constraints
  • Modern Political Thought

#11 – Texas Tech University

Lubbock, Texas

Texas Tech University (Texas Tech or TTU) is a public research university in Lubbock established in 1923. The university offers degrees in more than 150 courses through 13 colleges and hosts 60 research centers and institutes. Covering 1,839 acres of land, it is one of the largest landmass campuses in the United States. TTU is classified among “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity.” by the Carnegie Classifications for Higher Learning Institutions and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. 

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science offered by Texas Tech University is designed to provide students with the solid foundation and broad understanding required for a career in Political Science. The multifaceted curriculum allows the student to take their studies wherever they lead-whether that be an emphasis on international relations or American politics. The four concentrations offered are Comparative Politics, American Politics, Policy and Public Administration, and International Relations. In addition, a generalized Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree is offered without a concentration.

This 120 credit-hour online program is comprised of engaging courses like these:

  • History of the United States since 1877 
  • International Organization
  • Post-Communist Politics
  • Selected Topics in Comparative Politics
  • Constitutional Law
  • Sustainability: Energy, Environment, and Society

#10 – Arizona State University

Tempe, Arizona

Arizona State University (ASU or Arizona State) is a public research university founded in 1885. Located in the Phoenix metropolitan area, it is one of America’s largest public universities by enrollment. ASU is a member of the Universities Research Association and classified among “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very High Research Activity” by the Carnegie Classifications for Higher Learning Institutions. Made up of 17 colleges, the university has more than 38,000 students attending online. 

The online Bachelor of Science in Political Science at Arizona State Univerity focuses on the relationship between citizens and their governments. Students will build an in-depth understanding of how political theory connects with practical issues that may arise within any given society or organization, such as politics at the local level, federal/provincial levels, or international institutions. This program builds on how society functions while also providing the student with skills that can be applied across many different fields, including math and science. Classes offered as part of the ASU Bachelor of Science in Political Science include:

  • Empirical Political Inquiry
  • Political Ideologies
  • Political Statistics 
  • American Government and Politics 
  • Comparative Government 
  • Global Politics

#9 – Old Dominion University

Norfolk, Virginia

Old Dominion University (ODU) is a public research university in Norfolk, Virginia. It was established in 1930 and is one of the largest universities in Virginia, with an enrollment of 24,176 students. Classified among “R2: Doctoral Universities – High research activity” by the Carnegie Classifications for Higher Learning Institutions, ODU is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. In addition, the university is one of the United State’s largest providers of online distance learning formats.

The online political science bachelor’s program at Old Dominion University is nationally recognized for student achievements. A Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts is offered for the Political Science major. This program’s coursework examines domestic and international topics to prepare students for political engagement and leadership. Online course materials are available from any location and at any time; however, the instructor reserves the right to schedule exams and assignments at specific times. Included in the 120 credit hour curriculum are courses like:

  • Intro to Comparative Government and Politics
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Interpreting the Past
  • Introduction to America Politics
  • Research Design

#8 – University of Missouri – St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri

The University of Missouri–St. Louis (UMSL) is a public research university in St. Louis County, established in 1963. UMSL is classified as an “R2: Doctoral Universities – High Research Activity” school by the Carnegie Foundation for Higher Education and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Among its notable alumni is William Knoedelseder, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author.

UMSL’s Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree program is offered 100% online and completed at the student’s pace. Graduates will be able to comprehend the history, characteristics, and impact of legal, political systems and therefore can apply various methods for answering essential policy questions with clarity. Examples of courses included are:

  • Public Policy and Administration
  • Introduction to American Politics
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • World Politics
  • Political Analysis
  • Senior Seminar in Political Science

#7 – University of Central Florida

Orlando, Florida

Orlando’s University of Central Florida was founded in 1963 by the Florida Legislature. It is a public research university and leads the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium. UCF is the largest public university in Florida and all of America, with close to 72,000 students attending thirteen colleges. Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, UCF offers more than 230-degree programs. The online learning platform is nothing new to UCF, with more than 25 years of experience in distance learning virtually. The university currently offers over 100 online programs and degrees.

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree program at the University of Central Florida promises to teach critical reasoning, analytical, and thinking skills through coursework to help students succeed in private, government, or advanced studies. UCF offers three track options for this degree: International Relations-Comparative Government, American Politics & Policy, and Pre-Law. The 120 credit curriculum is online and self-paced. Standout courses for this program include:

  • Studies in Culture: Ancient to 17th Century
  • History of Motion Pictures
  • Cultural Anthropology: Global Perspectives, Local Contexts
  • Civic Engagement in the US Healthcare System 
  • Mass Media and Politics
  • Minorities in American Politics

#6 – Fort Hays State University

Hays, Kansas

Fort Hays State University (FHSU) is a public university in Hays, Kansas, founded in 1902. It has a total enrollment of approximately 15,100 students and comprises five colleges. FHSU is proud to house the Sternberg Museum of Natural and to include the Dallas Cowboys NFL head coach Mike McCarthy on the alumni list. The school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

A Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree from the Department of Political Science are available at Fort Hays State University. Students in the online program will know how to influence the future through policy, law, or activism for a career as a moral, empathetic leader committed to effective public policy. Some classes required for this degree are:

  • International Relations/Comparative Politics
  • Democratic Engagement
  • Legal Research Methods
  • The Administrative Process
  • American Civil Liberties
  • Political Behavior

#5 – University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth

North Darmont, Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (UMassD) is a public research university in Dartmouth. Merged into the University of Massachusetts system in 1991, the university was initially founded in 1895. The student body of 8,513 students makes it another one of the smallest schools on our list. UMassD is classified as an “R2: Doctoral Universities – High research activity” by the Carnegie Foundation for Higher Education and accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. The world’s most extensive, most comprehensive collection of material relating to the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy is housed and maintained at UMassD.

The UMass Dartmouth Bachelor of Political Science degree provides students with the opportunity to study political institutions and processes in a global context. The fully online degree program requires 120 credit hours; however, the generous transfer policy allows students with already earned credits to transfer up to 75 credits from an accredited regional institution. Sample course offerings include:

  • Civil Liberties and Rights
  • Political Parties and Interest Groups
  • Civil Rights Movements in the United States 
  • Ocean Policy and Law 
  • Cape Verdean Politics & Society 
  • Political Science Research Methods 

#4 – University of Arizona

Tuscon, Arizona

The University of Arizona (UA) is a public land-grant research university located in Tucson, Arizona. It was established in 1885 by the 13th Arizona Territorial Legislature as Arizona’s first university before Arizona was a state. Forty thousand six hundred twenty-one students attend the university, making it one of the largest schools on our list. The university is classified among “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very High Research Activity” by the Carnegie Foundation for Higher Education and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. In addition, Nobel Prizes have been awarded to three UA faculty members.  

The College of Social And Behavioral Sciences at the University of Arizona offers a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree program 100% online. This degree program is designed to help students demonstrate a basic understanding of the concepts, theories, and methodologies of a field within political science they have chosen. Those who participate in the program will be prepared for a career that brings positive change to the world. This degree program has the following concentration options:

  • American Politics
  • Comparative Politics
  • Foreign Affairs
  • General Political Science
  • Ideas and Methods
  • International Relations
  • Law and Public Policy

#3 – University of North Alabama

Florence, Alabama

North Alabama University (UNA) is one of the oldest public universities in the state. Based in Florence, the university was founded in 1830 and was one of the first coeducational colleges in the nation. UNA comprises five colleges and offers 219 programs leading to a bachelor’s degree. Considered an “M1; Master’s Colleges and Universities: Larger Programs” by the Carnegie Foundation for Higher Education, the university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. In addition, the school’s Hoole Library holds a rare books collection, containing the earliest print dating back to 1493. 

Studies in the Political Science Program at North Alabama University lead to either the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Arts. Besides preparing students for graduate study in law, government, politics, and policy, the Political Science program prepares students for local, state, federal, municipal, and private planning careers. The flexible online degree program offers courses like:

  • Mock Trials
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • Regulating Vice in American Cities
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • Parties, Elections, and Voting Behavior
  • Ethics in Administrative Leadership

#2 – Troy University

Troy, Alabama

Troy University is a public university in Troy, Alabama. Founded in 1887, it is Alabama’s flagship university. The university is separated into five colleges and a graduate school and offers forty-six Bachelor’s degree programs. In addition, TU is home to the Confucius Institutes, a public educational and cultural promotion program funded and arranged by the Chinese International Education Foundation to promote the Chinese language and culture internationally and facilitate cultural exchanges.

Troy University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.  

The political science program at Troy University consists of two concentrations: International Politics or American politics and Public Administration. An accelerated law option is also available. The online Bachelor’s degree in Political Science program enables students to develop their expertise and competence to contribute to the world and thrive globally. Classes included in the program are:

  • The Art of Political Science Research
  • Political Behavior and Public Opinion
  • Contemporary American Foreign Policy
  • Terrorism and Political Violence
  • Russian Politics
  • Fundamentals of Geographical Information and Analysis

#1 – University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

Whitewater, Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin–Whitewater (UW–Whitewater) is a public university located in Whitewater, Wisconsin. It is an integral part of the University of Wisconsin system established in 1971. Home of the well-known Badgers football team, UW holds an impressive alumni list, including architect Frank Lloyd Wright and founder of Earth Day, Gaylord Nelson. The school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. 

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science prepares students for exciting careers in the public and private sectors and professional and graduate school. The flexible and entirely online degree program allows students to choose from several emphases. The 120 credit hour curriculum consists of courses like:

  • Eastern Europe: An Interdisciplinary Survey
  • Nuclear Weapons & World Politics
  • Interdisciplinary Seminar in Political Economy, Philosophy, and Politics
  • Israeli Politics and Society
  • Introduction to Southeast Asia: Vietnam to the Philippines
  • Deception and Politics