How Do I Know if Online Learning is a Good Fit for Me?

Before any prospective student decides to earn an online degree, they must first learn whether or not distance learning is a good fit for them. While most online schools highlight just how convenient it is to return to college and earn your degree when you take a fully online program, not everyone will benefit from this method of instruction.

There have been several advances in the types of program and other forms of electronic technology that is used to inspire learning remotely, but that does not mean that you will absorb information effectively based on your own personality and learning preference. Read this guide, and find out what questions you should answer before you study for an online degree.

What Learning Style Keeps You the Most Engaged?

Not everyone has the same learning style and it is extremely important to learn what your style is so that you can plan how to study. the three styles that currently exist include: visual, auditory, kinesthetic. A strong relationship exits between learning styles and online learning, and the relationship can dictate who is likely to be successful in this learning environment.

Visual learners, who uses charts and infographics to memorize and recall information, will learn from lectures by watching them. Auditory learners prefer hearing and speaking and will summarize what they hear to memorize points. Kinesthetic learners are typically strong in math and science and would prefer to demonstrate concepts instead of going through explanations. Since they like hands-on learning, they work best in groups. Studies show that visual learners are most successful with online programs, but if others can adapt they too can succeed. Find out your learning style and decide if it is a good fit.

Are You Focused and Able to Push Yourself Independently?

When you are learning in your own home or your own work environment, you need to be able to separate yourself from the environment so that you can study and absorb the content. You will not have a professor in the front of the room to keep you on-task or someone to remind you not to forget your homework. If you can be organized, stay focused, and also push yourself to work independently, you could be a good online student.

How Much Time Do You Expect to Spend On Your Studies?

It is easy to assume that you will spend less time on your studying and on your school work when you study online. While this does happen in certain classes, in most cases you will spend just as much or more time studying online than you would taking a traditional class. This is because you have to cover the content on your own that you would have covered in the class. Then, you must participate in discussions online and complete coursework, quizzes and tests. Remember this before you assume that online degrees are easier to earn than traditional ones.

You should always determine if a school is a good fit for you, and this is true even if it is an online school. Make sure to compare the method of instruction, see if it engages you, and then take your time to look for an accredited online school where you can earn your online degree on your own time.