5 Jobs for College Students Who Lost their Job When COVID-19 Closed Their Campus

5 Jobs for Students Who Lost Their Jobs Due to Coronavirus Campus Closure

  • E-commerce fulfillment associate
  • Tutor
  • On-demand driver
  • Photographer
  • Social media manager

Campus closures due to coronavirus spread have left many college students in need of new jobs. Many students can find flexible jobs that will help them recover from their recent job loss. Social distancing practices have helped increase the demand for these jobs, possibly increasing the likelihood of these types of positions becoming permanent.

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1. E-commerce Fulfillment Associate

Fulfillment associates help fill orders placed through e-commerce sites, often working in a distribution center environment that handles a high order volume. They may prepare the orders for shipping, or pick up if the orders are fulfilled from a store location. The demand for fulfillment associates is high enough that flexible scheduling is easily possible, which is perfect for students who are now pursuing a degree online. Many companies that use fulfillment services will also offer the chance of better positions after an established record with the company, which will benefit students beyond graduation as well. Fulfillment associate positions are ideal both for an interim job until a campus position resumes and for long-term employment past college.

2. Tutor

Students of all ages may require help mastering subjects, and tutors are who they or their parents are most likely to seek to help them. One of the most helpful things about tutoring positions is that many companies host their sessions online, allowing for greater convenience. One of the things that many students like about such positions is being able to provide help with the subjects that they know very well. Regardless of what type of job a student intends to have after graduation, being able to put the knowledge that they have gained from their studies to use is always useful.

3. On-demand driver

Although the gig economy has historically only accounted for about 4% of available jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this type of employment has been growing in recent years. On-demand driving is one example of gig economy jobs, including rideshare and online delivery, such as groceries and takeout meals. These positions offer the flexibility that students need, as well as the ability to accept tips. One thing that many on-demand drivers find helpful about this type of work is the ability to balance on-demand driving with other contract and freelance jobs.

4. Photographer

Photography has always been a potentially lucrative field for people in between other jobs. One of the more attractive benefits of this type of position for many people is that relatively little experience is necessary. Students who own a high-quality digital camera can start taking on photography gigs reasonably quickly. Many freelance sites post jobs for contract photography positions that involve everything from portraits to landscape photos. Doing photography is a good way for students to keep a flexible schedule while taking classes and have excellent prospects for a steady income stream during and after college.

5. Social Media Manager

Many companies that want to increase their Internet presence use social media managers to run their Facebook or Twitter accounts. One of the things that these professionals do is help ensure regular updates on the company’s products and services. With many Internet users using social media sites at least occasionally, posts on these sites are popular ways for companies to spread their messages, making the demand for social media managers one that is increasing. Students will benefit from keeping one of these positions in mind as an option, especially as these jobs can lead to better prospects down the road.

College students who have lost jobs due to coronavirus college closures have excellent options to consider for earning an income. Many of these positions are flexible and also help provide valuable experiences.