Is an Online Marketing Degree a Good Value?

An online marketing degree is definitely a good value for a variety of reasons. The need for marketing professionals is rapidly growing alongside the digital revolution. Below explains why a marketing degree obtained online is especially beneficial.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is both a complex business field and a vital business function of most companies. Marketing is a continuing communication process that companies use to engage their customers. Every marketing major will learn the basic four P’s of marketing any product or service: product, price, place and promotion. However, marketing is becoming more complex as social media, technology, the Internet and mobile phones revolutionize how consumers and companies interact. Therefore, digital marketing is now becoming more important and in-demand than traditional marketing.

Why Study Marketing Online?

Certain classes and even degree programs must be taken in classrooms with hands-on demonstrations and face-to-face instruction. For example, science related classes, such as biology and chemistry, will need to be physically conducted in labs and research facilities. Advanced computer degrees will need equipment and technology only available through the school’s facilities. On the other hand, most health care related classes should be taken in-person because medicine is based on applied skills and knowledge. However, certain degrees can be taken online, such as art, social science and business. In fact, marketing programs are a perfect fit for online platforms because the field of marketing itself is based on using computers and technology to create projects and communicate with others. Therefore, all the necessary courses can be taken and the core competencies acquired through online learning platforms.

What is a Typical Curriculum for a Degree in Marketing?

An online marketing degree curriculum will generally include math, social science, communication and business classes. Basic classes include statistical reasoning, intercultural communication, microeconomics and microeconomics. However, students will also study marketing research, consumer behavior, professional selling and strategic marketing planning. Since digital marketing is so popular, many students choose to take technology related classes, such as social media marketing, advertising design, web design basics and SEO marketing. Digital marketing, campaign design and strategic planning classes are also popular. All of these classes can be conveniently taken and completed successfully by online students.

What Entry-Level Jobs are Available with a Marketing Degree?

There are excellent entry level jobs available for students with a degree in marketing. These include market analyst, advertising assistant, sales representative and public relations coordinator. For example, a market analyst will research, analyze and forecast market trends. They will also measure and evaluate the effectiveness of current marketing strategies and campaigns. They will spend a considerable amount of time analyzing consumer and market data with statistical software. Looking forward, a marketing graduate with professional experience can become an event, marketing or social media manager. For example, a promotions manager will oversee programs that involve advertisements that include purchasing incentives. These marketing campaigns traditionally use direct mail, product endorsements and newspaper inserts. However, digital marketing now relies on personalized email and pop-up Internet ads.

To review, a marketing degree is an excellent choice because the course topics are perfectly suited for online learning mediums. Students with a bachelor’s degree in marketing can choose from different jobs, such as media analyst or digital marketing assistant. An online marketing degree is the first step in the right educational direction for your marketing career.