Top 10 Online Degree Programs for Business

Are you considering a degree in business? Does the fast-paced and competitive environment breathe life into you? Do you think you’ll never be able to get there because you’re already working a job that consumes the majority of your time? How would you ever be able to make it to class times with your busy schedule? 

Ever think of attending online school? Pursuing your online business degree will allow you to work when you have time. You can continue with your nine to five while taking a step forward in your future. 

Just imagine walking into your very own corporate office. The smell of fresh coffee wafting through the air. You’ve got a busy day ahead full of important meetings, business calls, and deals to close.

Or maybe, you have a different vision, you begin your slow morning walking to work. You pull the keys out of your back pocket to unlock the front door to your own small business. The dream you’ve had for years has finally come to life. You flip your “open” sign to face front, and you head back to check some inventory. 

Sounds perfect, right? Birthing these dream lifestyles into reality begins with you. So if you’re ready, we’ve got the top 10 online degree programs for business. All you have to do is choose your path. 


When reviewing our top online business schools list, you should be informed about the criteria it had to meet. The research began using the National Center for Education Statistics College Navigator tool. While our search yielded plenty of options, we decided to narrow it down using a point system. The criteria we based our ranking on were selectivity rate, graduation rate, and overall cost. 

While we began with a list of about 40 online business degrees, we narrowed it down to 10 excellent options.

Our compilation of the best online business schools is in order leading up to our number one pick. After you finish reading about our choices for the top 10 schools to get your business degree, you’ll have a much clearer view of the dream you can finally make a reality. 

*The schools listed with 100% acceptance have “open enrollment.” This means that everyone who applied is admitted in most cases, given that they have obtained a high school diploma or equivalent. Sometimes a placement test is required, but that is based on a university-specific basis. It’s best to check with your university of interest about their requirements for admission. 

Here’s the point system we used: 


Less than $10,000 per year = 3 points 

$10,001 to $20,000 per year = 2 points 

Over $20,000 per year = 1 point 

Admission Rate: 

Less than 25% = 1 point 

25% to 50% = 2 points 

More than 50% = 3 points 

Graduation Rate: 

50% or more = 3 points 

25% to 49% = 2 points 

Less than 25% = 1 point 

SchoolTuition & FeesAdmission PercentageGraduate PercentagePoints
Western Governors University$7,790100% 21%7
University of the People$2,000100%9%7
Remington College- Hearthrow Campus $12,768100%31%7
Grantham University$4,800100%22%7
Columbia Southern University$3,915100%22%7
Bryant & Stratton College- Online$15,934100%30%7
Amridge University$13,000100%33%7
National Paralegal College$6,045100%39%8
American Public University System$7,005100%40%8
City Vision University$6,400Open Admission100%9

Top 10 Business Degree Programs for 2021

#10 Western Governors University 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

School Page 

Tuition/ Fees: $7,790 

Points: 7 

The prominent perk of Western Governors University is the price point. This online business school prides itself on its students having half the debt as students attending most other colleges. They have flat-rate tuition, so you aren’t paying per course credit. Their learning method is focused on competency-based learning. This means that you are evaluated by the skills you have obtained rather than basing your education on a time system. This can allow students to progress faster than the traditional layout of semester organized learning. Once you’ve shown you have learned the course material, you are on to the next course! They offer a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. WGU is an entirely online accredited nonprofit university. 

Some of the specific business degrees they offer are: 

  • Business Management 
  • Healthcare Management 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Accounting 
  • Business Administration 
  • Healthcare Management 
  • Accounting 
  • Data Analytics 

#9 University of the People 

Pasadena, California 

School Page 

Tuition/ Fees: $2,000

Points: 7 

If you are looking to go to an online business school on a budget, the University of the People is another option that is not financially demanding. This college is tuition-free (yes, you read that right). With UoPeople, the only thing you’re paying for is their processing fees. They offer small class sizes with their student to faculty ratio at 14-1, so you are getting an individualized educational experience. Over 70 percent of their students attend part-time, making it an excellent option for those managing their current career as well as continuing their education. 

They offer degree programs in: 

  • Business Administration 
  • Computer Science 
  • Health Science 

#8 Remington College

Knoxville, Tennessee 

School Page 

Tuition/ Fees: $12,768

Points: 7 

Although Remington College has several locations, the Knoxville Campus is the one that offers online learning at this non-profit college. They have a fast-track program so students have the flexibility to complete course credits earlier than the traditional college. They also provide each of their new students with a laptop. While more costly than the #9 and #10 picks, Remington College does come with benefits. 

They offer undergrad and grad programs, including: 

  • Organizational Management 
  • Health Information Management 

#7 Grantham University 

Lenexa, Kansas 

School Page 

Tuition/ Fees: $4,800

Points: 7 

Grantham University is an exceptionally flexible option for those going to online business school while also maintaining a current career. There is no set class time, so students can work on course materials on their own time. They offer shorter class options (such as 8-week courses) and start new classes every month so you don’t have to wait until next semester if you missed the deadline to enroll. Another reassuring fact is that 95 percent of students reported that they were satisfied with their degree program at Grantham in a student survey. With a wide variety of degree and certificate options, you are sure to find the right program for you at Grantham. 

Some of these programs include: 

  • Business Administration 
  • General Management 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Financial Planning 
  • Strategic Communications 
  • Marketing 
  • Procurement and Contract Management 
  • Information Management 
  • Project Management 
  • Business Intelligence 
  • Performance Improvement 

#6 Columbia Southern University 

Orange Beach, Alabama 

School Page 

Tuition/ Fees: $3,915

Points: 7 

Columbia Southern University is an all-online college that prides itself on using higher education as a tool to give its students the most success in their careers and personal lives. They have done so for twenty-five years and counting. One of CSU’s benefits is its low-cost tuition. They also offer even more flexible payment plans for veterans. They also provide credit for military training.

Some of the degree programs they offer are: 

  • Business 
  • Business Administration 
  • Organizational Leadership 

#5 Bryant & Stratton College- Online 

Orchard Park, New York 

School Page 

Tuition/ Fees: $15,934

Points: 7 

Bryant & Stratton College-Online supports their students by offering a 24/7 fully online tutoring service to their students. This feature allows their students to have access to resources and help with their classes no matter what time of day. Another service they offer is life-long career services to its students. Bryant & Stratton’s online learning programs include class discussions and lecture videos posted along with the course material every week. They have accelerated classes with smaller class loads. This helps their students focus on just a couple of courses at a time while still being able to complete the same amount, of course, hours in a regular semester. 

Here are some of the degree programs offered at Bryant & Stratton: 

  • Accounting 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • General Management 
  • Human Resources 

#4 Amridge University 

Montgomery, Alabama 

School Page 

Tuition/ Fees: $13,000

Points: 7 

Amridge University is a Christian College that has been involved in online learning since 1993. Their mission is to help people become better prepared for their lives, including their profession, church, and leadership. Amridge also has a program to help students access the technology they need to complete their online courses. As a student, you can get a laptop through this university by paying a fee if you are unable to acquire one on your own. 

Some of the degree programs offered at Amridge are: 

  • Business Administration 
  • Human Resources 
  • Information Systems Management 
  • Leadership and Management 

#3 National Paralegal College 

Phoenix, Arizona 

School Page 

Tuition/ Fees: $6,045 

Points: 8 

National Paralegal College was founded in 2003. Their classes have live instruction as well as materials that their students can utilize on their own time. NPC offers both legal and business degrees to its students in more than 100 courses. For those looking at online business schools with more options in the legal business field, NPC might be just what you’re looking for! They have an interactive approach to learning and strive to give students the necessary work-focused skills to be successful in their next career. Their faculty is made up of individuals with real-world work experience in the fields they are teaching about. NPC also offers a student mentor program to all new students to help them get used to their new learning environment, as well as provide academic advice when solicited. 

Some of the programs offered at NPC are: 

  • Business Administration 
  • Legal Studies 
  • Compliance Law 
  • Taxation 

#2 American Public University System 

Charles Town, West Virginia 

School Page

Tuition/ Fees: $7,005

Points: 8 

What began as the American Military University, founded by a Marine later became American Public University in 2002. Its original goal was to assist in the transition to civilian life, but after many years made the decision to help more people and became APU. With unique benefits offered to military families, this college is a fantastic and cost-effective choice for anyone, especially military personnel making the switch to civilian life. You can find even more information here if you are a veteran looking to continue your education. APUS has the core values of accessibility, innovation, integrity, learning, and quality. 

Some of the programs offered are: 

  • Business 
  • Business Analytics 
  • Business Administration  

#1 City Vision University

Kansas City, Missouri 

School Page

Tuition/ Fees: $6,400

Points: 9 

The number one choice of the best online business school of the year is City vision, with the highest point total of 9! City Vision is a nonprofit Christian college. CVU also partners up with many nonprofits to make a positive change. If working with a nonprofit business is something that you’re interested in, you’ll be glad to know that CVU has had over 8,000 nonprofit partners in the past. They make the transition process easy with their transfer credit process and have extremely open admissions. With their project-based courses, students enter the workforce knowing precisely what is expected of them and how to perform their new career successfully. Also, their faculty has a high involvement in professional work in the Christian community. 

Here are some of the degree options at City Vision: 

  • Business 
  • Business Administration 

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Best Careers for Business Majors: 

If you’re a business student that’s excited for the wide variety of careers this degree can provide but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help! Getting a business degree provides many different avenues to take. Choosing the right path for your new business career depends on what type of environment you see yourself working in, what areas of interest you have, and what your personal career goals are. 

Here are some of the best careers for business majors: 


Annual Salary Range: $44,480- $124,450 

Got a knack for numbers? If so, and if you have excellent math skills, accounting is one of the jobs you might want to consider. Accountants work with organizations and individuals to help conduct their finances and provide advice and services to them. 

Social Media Manager 

Annual Salary Range: $42,000- $97,000

One of the more new-age careers that work for many business majors is social media management. These are individuals with exceptional skills in marketing and social media. They work with businesses to help establish a better online presence spreading brand awareness and using marketing techniques to coordinate and expand a business. 

Business Teacher/ Professor 

Annual Salary Range: $40,540-$99,660 

Enjoy school so much that you want a permanent position in an educational environment? Or maybe you’ve conquered the business world and are ready to share your knowledge with the rest of the world? Business teachers help influence the next generation of businesspeople by providing their business knowledge and sharing it with others. 

Business Operations Manager 

Annual Salary Range: $65,650- $157,120

Business Operations Managers work with corporations and businesses to provide analysis and improvement techniques for business performance. They help keep the company focused on expansion and improvement. 


Annual Salary Range: $56,279- $100,953

A high-paying option for risk management services, maybe an actuary is the career for you! Actuaries work with companies to help them determine what risks and directions are going to benefit the business. 

Financial Manager 

Annual Salary Range: $91,420- $178,840

Financial management is another career focusing on analysis and performance. Financial managers work with companies and often oversee other workers in the company. This job does require more education, such as accounting and usually a Master’s degree as well. 

Human Resource Specialist 

Annual Salary Range: $39,960- $73,490

If you enjoy working closely with employees during recruiting or hiring and managing issues that arise on the job with employee well-being and safety, you might be meant for a career as an HR rep. Human Resources careers can be gratifying if you’re a person who loves helping with problem-solving or training new employees. HR reps can make a big impact on company talent. 

Corporate Executive 

Annual Salary Range: $93,000- $288,000

If you possess excellent organizational skills and take pleasure in playing an essential part in achieving your company’s goals, then a corporate exec job could be right up your alley. A corporate executive can have different job responsibilities based on the company they work for. 

Purchasing Manager 

Annual Salary Range: $31,500- $108,500

As a purchasing manager, your primary function within the company is to provide what they need. Your work duties may include ordering products necessary for a company to function, find the best price points, and monitor when new item orders are necessary. 

Advertising/ Market Manager 

Annual Salary Range: $75,739- $137,856

We see advertising everywhere? Those business degree students with a talent or fascination for advertising might do well pursuing a career in advertising. An advertising/marketing manager coordinates activities such as company advertising plans, working with other employees to accomplish advertising projects, and working with other companies during contract negotiation. 


You may have clicked on this article feeling uncertain and curious about your options for online business school. After looking at online business degrees, online MBA programs, and some of the best online schools and careers, hopefully, you are feeling more confident in taking the leap and expanding your professional career in business. 

Whatever your professional vision of yourself is, earning an online business degree can provide you with so many new and unique opportunities. So no matter if you see yourself as a business owner, manager of a company, working in the legal business, or working with numbers and analytics, the business world has something to offer you. It all starts with putting time into selecting the best match for you and your career aspirations! 

While everyone’s path to continuing their education looks a little different, we hope to have paved the way for you and made your online school search a little more simple and a little less overwhelming. 

Other online schools offering business degrees: