5 Tips to Prepare for the ACT

Five Best Ways to Prepare for the ACT

  • Try the ACT Rapid Review
  • Study the ACT Prep Guide
  • Take ACT Online Prep
  • Review ACT CollegeReady
  • Visit ACT Academy

When it comes to preparing for the American College Testing exam, the best way to ensure good results is to use the official test prep materials provided by the ACT organization. The ACT website offers a wide range of test prep guides and reviews for students of all skill levels. The ACT test consists of five sections that cover reading, writing, science, mathematics, and English. The test prep requirements of each student can vary significantly, so the ACT study materials target the knowledge gaps of individual test takers. The online resources and study guides are custom-tailored to the needs of each student preparing for the exam.

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1. Try the ACT Rapid Review

The ACT Rapid Review is a comprehensive suite of test prep resources and study materials. It is available from the ACT website as a subscription-based service. Students can order a subscription through the ACT website or through a test prep course at their school. Subscriptions are available for intervals of three months, six months or one year. Additional information about subscriptions can be obtained from college prep programs at most high schools. The three-month subscription supports live question-and-answer sessions while the six-month subscription offers on-demand video streaming. The one-year option provides both live guidance and on-demand video streaming.

2. Study the ACT Prep Guide

The official ACT Prep Guide is a comprehensive study guide with practice test questions and answers, complete instructions and recommendations about studying for the exam. The best way to use the official test prep guide is to practice answering the study questions and then make a note of all the questions that were difficult to answer. The ACT Prep Guide provides assistance and instructions for improving proficiency in areas that need improvement. Students using the official Prep Guide will receive a PIN that unlocks bonus test prep questions with answers as well as study assistance.

3. Take ACT Online Prep

ACT Online Prep is a study resource that accompanies the official Prep Guide. According to ACT, the online version of the Prep Guide comes with a smartphone app that enables users to track their progress and hone their skills by identifying areas that need improvement. The online prep material is taken from previous versions of the ACT exam, so students can be sure that they are getting a study guide from a reliable source.

4. Review ACT CollegeReady

The ACT website states that CollegeReady is a test prep tool that helps students identify gaps in their knowledge and prepare for specific questions and subjects that will appear on the test. CollegeReady materials are typically provided by schools for high school seniors who are expecting to take the ACT around the time of graduation.

5. Visit ACT Academy

ACT Academy offers interactive test prep resources for students. It contains resources for teachers and schools to help students get ready for the ACT exam. The study materials on the ACT Academy website are presented in a memorable way so that students can easily absorb the information and retain the knowledge for the test.

Taking the ACT exam is an important step on the path to enrolling in college. A good score on the exam can lead to scholarships and honors throughout the years of an undergraduate degree, so it’s a good idea to follow these tips to prepare for the ACT.