5 Tax Accounting Conferences

Every year, more and more professionals attend tax accounting conferences in order to gain access to engaging educational, leadership and networking opportunities. Many of these programs are sponsored by the American Institute of CPAs, but there are also other events available.

Tax Strategies for the High-Income Individual

This AICPA event is designed to teach tax accountants effective strategies for high-income individuals. For example, attendees are taught how to maximize retirement contributions and how to select the right taxation deferral strategy. Asset location adjustments are another hot topic. Tax accountants learn how to adjust corporate bonds and real estate investment trusts into tax friendly savings. Medical regulation reforms have raised the rate of taxes paid by high income individual, so tax accountants learn how to better manage alternative minimum taxes and net investment income taxes.

Personal Financial Planning Summit

This summit focuses on wealth management through morning presentations and roundtable discussions in a beautiful seaside city in California. Attendees may participate in an event that introduces them to transformative financial planning, which explores how alternative concepts can be applied to increase the value, impact and effectiveness of financial planning. Because the financial planning field is rapidly evolving, tax accountants and financial planners alike must learn how to establish trust and automate technology. Classes on leadership teach managers how to recruit, mentor and develop the right staff.

AICPA Engage

AICPA Engage is the newest conference for accounting professionals. Tax accounting leaders and executives attend this event because it offers expanded leadership and learning opportunities to help them achieve success. This one event is actually divided into six different conferences, so accounting professionals can choose top-quality content related to corporate and federal taxation topics. These simultaneous events offer expanded access to leading finance and accounting speakers and thought leaders. Tax accountants may choose to attend sessions in advanced accounting auditing and technology.

Women’s Global Leadership Summit

All female financial and accounting professionals from all business sectors attend this custom event. This includes female accounts from the fields of business, non-profit, government and public accounting. Female tax accountants should visit this event to learn from global leaders who aspire professional women to succeed. This event also welcomes male attendees who want to learn more about how to support their female accounting colleagues. This event is presented by the AICPA Women’s Initiative Executive Committee and CPA Canada. The high-level experience and competency of female speakers helps female accountants secure their careers and futures.

The Government Accounting and Auditing Conference

The AICPA’s Government Accounting and Auditing Update (GAAC) gives financial professionals access to industry leaders and official policymakers who offer their expertise and advice. Tax accountants must deal with an ever changing legal landscape that drastically increases the burden of accuracy and accountability. Tax accountants who attend this event will learn how to identify, prevent and analyze fraud. They will also learn important auditing techniques and practices to help them maintain compliance and financial integrity. Some common topics of this even include pensions, federal tax codes and uniform guidance.

Attending tax accounting conferences is the best way to stay one step ahead of changing taxation codes, corporate practices and new industry technology. Readers can browse the AICPA’s website to find a conference that best meets their needs.

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