5 Popular Online Business Administration Degree Concentrations

An online business administration degree opens many doors. The kinds of opportunities you’ll enjoy depends on which area of concentration you choose. Business administration concentrations are incredibly varied, so it pays to do your homework before making your decision. If you already have specific career goals in mind, this should be easy. If not, be sure to devote even more time to the decision-making process.

1. Information Technology

All organizations rely on computers these days, so opting for a concentration in information technology is a smart move. You will learn how to apply the things that you learn about computer hardware, software and networking to a variety of crucial business functions, including finance, database development and management, marketing, information security and privacy and knowledge management. With this degree and concentration, you’ll be eligible for a variety of positions, including software tester, data security analyst, technical consultation, systems analyst and more.

2. Marketing

While earning an online business administration degree with a concentration in marketing, you’ll learn how to plan and execute the development, pricing, marketing and distribution of products, services and ideas. It will teach you about consumer’s buying behavior and how it applies to the sales process, which is particularly handy in industries where products evolve quickly. This concentration will enable you to identify prospects and opportunities for your employer, which will make you a valuable asset. Possible job positions include advertising copywriter, public relations specialist, market analyst and brand and product manager.

3. Human Resources Management

Virtually all companies need a human resources department to locate better workers and to manage them effectively. Human resources professionals create and execute programs that allow organizations to more effectively manage employees. This concentration teaches you skills in performance management, employee relations, staffing, training and development, leadership, compensation and benefits administration and more. Upon earning this degree, you will be eligible for a vast array of positions, including training specialist, human resources manager, career counselor, recruiter and benefits administrator. You will be able to find jobs across all industries and with organizations of all sizes and scopes.

4. Finance

Unless they are non-profit, all companies exist to make money. Even non-profit organizations need to manage their finances, so earning an online business administration degree with a concentration in finance is a surefire way to remain employable throughout your career. This type of program teaches you about financial markets, investment analysis, risk management and a variety of other crucial financial concepts. People with these types of educational credentials typically seek positions as investment analysts, asset managers and even chief financial officers, so the sky is truly the limit.

5. Supply Chain Management and Operations

If you enjoy learning about the big picture, earning an online business administration degree with a concentration in operations or supply chain management should be right up your alley. As you earn your degree, you’ll learn how to create efficiencies in a company’s global supply chain, which includes sourcing raw materials, moving and storing them, turning them into finished goods and getting those goods from their point of origin to their point of consumption. With knowledge about how to develop and evaluate important business processes, you will be able to find work within organizations assisting in logistics, distribution, procurement, manufacturing and assembly and more.

As you can see, an online business administration degree can take you in all kinds of different directions. To figure out which concentration is right for you, consider where you see yourself working within an organization. Chances are that one of the concentrations highlighted above will help you achieve your career goals.

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