5 Necessary Apps for Marketing Professionals

Must-Have Apps for 21st Century Marketing Pros

  • Buffer
  • Trello
  • Evernote
  • Wunderlist
  • Slack

With every passing year, the field of marketing grows – especially that of digital marketing. As indicated by Forbes, new tools, practices, and trends emerge constantly as the needs of the marketplace change and adapt.

With marketing in a state of constant evolution, marketing professionals of every stripe must work hard to stay abreast of their field – and, most importantly, to stay connected with the markets they work in. Here are five necessary apps for marketing professionals.

  1. Buffer

    Usable on either mobile or desktop, Buffer is a fantastic social media management application that allows the user to monitor social media feeds, post to multiple networks on the fly, and schedule posts for all networks being managed by the app. Buffer’s mobile app makes it easy to manage social media channels on the go, and in addition to posting and scheduling, you can view social media metrics within the app to help you plan future posts and marketing campaigns more effectively. Buffer comes with a variety of pricing options, whether you’re working for a small business or a large enterprising company.

  2. Trello

    One of the best task management apps on the market, Trello allows the user to create and manage tasks and subtasks, assign tasks to various team members, and mark tasks as completed. For marketing professionals who are working as part of a team, Trello is an indispensable application for keeping a team organized, focused, and on-task. Trello’s mobile app also allows the same functions no matter where you are – so if you’ve suddenly come up with a new idea or need to update a task or subtask while you’re on the run, there’s no need to fret over it until you get back to your desk.

  3. Evernote

    Evernote is often described as one of the best note-taking apps ever created. Not only can you create notes and reminders within the app, you can add images from the web or your phone’s camera to your notes for easy incorporation to something you’re doing later. In addition, if you snap a photo of something, Evernote can pull text and images from whatever you photograph – so you don’t necessarily have to type out everything you’re seeing.

  4. Wunderlist

    Wunderlist is a brilliant – and free – application that is usable via either mobile or desktop to help track individual tasks and subtasks. You can create lists within the app pertinent to specific projects, tasks, or anything else you need to keep track of – and list relevant tasks under those categories. If you’re an exceptionally busy person, as many marketing pros tend to be, Wunderlist won’t just help you keep track of work projects – you can keep track of personal matters and projects as well, like planning your next vacation or your grocery list.

  5. Slack

    For any working team, Slack is a must-have app. With integrated functions like Trello and Google Docs, Slack helps teams collaborate in real time to make suggestions, ask questions, or confirm task completion. Especially handy in large teams, Slack can help marketing teams perform much more efficiently on a day to day basis – and manage and complete projects more effectively.

Whether you work in print or digital marketing, each of these apps will help you stay on top of your game, connected to your team, and increase your productivity and efficacy.

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