5 Most Popular Degrees to Get Online

5-most-popular-degrees-to-get-onlineWith the rise in online schooling options, there are many different degree programs that students can choose. From business administration to psychology, students can complete all of their coursework online. Whether students are looking to further their career or just want to learn about a new topic, there are numerous colleges and online degrees to choose from.

Business Administration

Business administration remains one of the most popular online degree programs. There are currently more students enrolled in this degree program than any other online. Although students learn about how to run a business, the principles taught in this degree program are applicable to nearly every career field. Individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration can expect to make $200,000 more over the course of their career than an individual with a different major. Currently, individuals in this field work in areas such as consulting, hospitality, finance, health care and marketing.


Learning how the mind works can be an invigorating, interesting field of study. As more baby boomers start to age, health care professionals like counselors will be needed in an increasing number. Within the field of psychology, individuals can focus on specific areas like personality theory, addiction counseling, human development, psychotherapy and neuroscience. This career field is expected to have some of the top 20 fastest-growing occupations in the United States. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in the subject, students can go on to take graduate level coursework or a doctoral degree in the field.

Health Care Administration

This growing field covers the latest topics in health care technology and regulations. Since the health care market is growing, jobs in this field are expected to increase over the next decade. Individuals who study health care administration can expect to find jobs in clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and hospitals. In the course of their workday, they will be expected to manage the financial side of the business, coordinate care and schedule incoming staff members. While in college, students will study the various principles of finance, business management, legal regulations and health care that they will need to perform their job later on.

Criminal Justice

Individuals who want to work in law enforcement or the justice system can start by getting a degree in criminal justice. These programs are designed to prepare students for work as probation officers, crime scene investigators, law enforcement officials and legal analysts. This popular career field is a first step for people who want to work for the federal government as officers at the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Central Intelligence Agency. Coursework covers the principles of criminal justice, current laws and investigative techniques.

Human Services

For a rewarding career, students can obtain a degree in human services. This field blends a broad range of career programs ranging from criminal justice to social work. The curriculum typically focuses on studying principles of management, public health, family studies and community services. Available online, a degree in human services can lead to a job in rehabilitation centers, addiction counseling, gerontology or health education. The majority of graduates who obtain jobs in human services believe that their work is making the world a better place. For the idealist, human services is a popular, growing educational program.

Whether students want to put criminals behind bars or counsel recovered addicts, there are numerous degree options available online. These popular degree programs face excellent job prospects in the coming years. As an added convenience, online coursework allows students to complete assignments at their own pace. Once the program is completed, graduates can seek out a rewarding career in their field of study.

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