5 Inspiring Instagram Accounts for Teachers

5 Instagram Accounts to Give Teachers Fresh Ideas

  • The Unique Classroom
  • Kessler Science
  • The Teacher Talk
  • EBAcademics
  • Rockinresources

Teaching Instagram accounts provide a personal, deep look into the lives of educators, how they run their classrooms and the way they inspire their students to learn. While some teacher pages are just photos and memes, others serve as resources from teacher-to-teacher about science, ELA, curriculum, work, and life balance, and practically any other teaching topic a teacher in search of new knowledge could imagine. There are many Insta accounts for teachers by teachers that share classroom ideas, as well as teachers’ victories and struggles in and out of the classroom environment. Read on to learn about 5 inspiring Instagram accounts for teachers and follow them for tips, tricks, ideas, and support; and expand your social media community to include other teachers that want to help each other succeed.

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1. The Unique Classroom

Follow Amy, a Disney loving 3rd grade teacher who brings magic and wonder to all of her lessons and shares inspirational quotes to lift the spirits of her fellow teachers and followers from all around the globe- over 100k if you’re counting! Her classroom is the perfect place for children to have fun while they learn, and she regularly shares ideas for printables, board activities, and much more.

Follow: @theuniqueclassroom

2. Kessler Science

From practical science to weird and fun science, Chris Kessler curates an engaging Instagram feed full of creative science activities for teachers to excite their own students. This Instagram account is great for teachers who only teach science or just need occasional activity. The content will not disappoint, and over 13k followers agree.

Follow: @keslerscience

3. The Teacher Talk

First grade teacher and mother Jessica is a teacher resource blogger that has brought her creativity to Instagram to share with others. She regularly shares photos of her new classroom activities as well as her favorite books to read in her classroom, and a little bit of inspiration now and again to keep her followers and fellow teachers- over 27k- feeling their very best.

Follow: @theteachertalk

4. EBAcademics

Middle school English Language Arts teachers Caitlin and Jessica are hosts of an ELA Podcast and curators of the EBAcademics evidence-based writing and academics Instagram account. They aim to coach teachers in using tools that help students write in a more focused manner, regardless of grade level; and these tools and techniques can be used to improve the way teachers write and continue learning throughout their careers. The content is useful and inspirational great for seasoned or brand new teachers of all grade levels. Evidence-based writing creates better content, higher focus, and lessens the grip of writer’s block. Over 30k followers are giving their methods a try.

Follow: @ebacademics

5. Rockinresources

Mrs. O is a teacher, writing coach, and curriculum designer that encourages her nearly 57k followers to “rock your teaching”. Her highly inspirational Instagram account for teachers demonstrates new ideas for teaching all types of curriculum from simple to complex and offers support and inspiration for teachers struggling to balance the high demands of their chosen career. Mrs. O challenges her followers to change the way they think about curriculum to make learning more streamlined and fun with personalized learning tools for students and engaging seasonal curriculum to mix up the mundane.

Follow: @rockinresources