5 Great Podcasts for Educators

5 Podcasts that Teachers Will Love

  • Cult of Pedagogy
  • Every Classroom Matters
  • Truth for Teachers
  • TEDTalks Education
  • Talks with Teachers

Educators of all types need to keep up with what is new and trending in education, and these five great podcasts for educators are a good place to start. These podcasts are available in the Google Play and iTunes stores as well as other venues, making them easy to access on any mobile device. Spending a few minutes each day listening to an episode of one of these podcasts could help an educator stay motivated and inspired.

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1. Cult of Pedagogy

The Cult of Pedagogy podcast, hosted by Jennifer Gonzalez, focuses on education reform, administration, policy, and technology. Gonzalez interviews one or two guests during each podcast episode and has a discussion about the guest’s experience or expertise in education. She also shares her own tips from the classroom. The Cult of Pedagogy also features episodes about teaching strategies and classroom management. A lot of what is shared in the episodes is a sort of trade secret that would not be published on a blog, magazine or book on education.

2. Every Classroom Matters

In the Every Classroom Matters podcast, educators can learn about best practices. The podcast covers topics such as why students are still asked to sit still and learn and 300 strategies to get kids to want to write. Each episode includes an interview from one or two teachers or educators in different types of learning environments and different grade levels. Gifted and talented, informal, Montessori and special education teachers are included in the guest interviews. Every Classroom Matters is hosted by Vicki Davis, who also runs the Edutopia blog for teachers and educators.

3. Truth for Teachers

The Truth for Teachers podcast is hosted by Angela Watson. In it, she explores topics about bad morale in schools and how to recover from teacher burnout. Those conversations often take place with teachers who have gone through those problems and taken action in order to overcome them. Truth for Teachers also includes topics about how to keep kids focused and how to teach around different learning styles.

4. TEDTalks Education

According to the National Council on Teacher Quality, educators have to keep up with new technology and trends in the field and do so on a minimal budget. The TEDTalks Education podcast features guest speakers who cover a wide variety of topics on education. Some of those topics include how motivation can fix public school systems and a new way to get children ready for kindergarten. The TEDTalks Education podcast episodes also include topics on international education.

5. Talks with Teachers

In the Talks with Teachers podcast, hosts Jessica and Brian Sztabnik highlight some of the creative projects that teachers are doing in their classrooms. The podcast takes a look at different types of teachers, different grade levels and different types of schools. They regularly interview teachers in their episodes. The Talks with Teachers also features topics such as what the standards leave out and what excellence means in teaching.

Educators have a long list of things to do, but each of these podcasts is easy to listen to during a coffee break, exercise session or commute. These podcasts offer regular updates, allowing educators to keep up with what is new in general and in the specific areas that they work. Each of these five great podcasts for educators is a worthwhile investment of time.