5 Great Jobs With a Data Analytics Business Concentration

There are many great jobs for recent graduates who have a data analytics business concentration. These jobs include technical positions, such as data mining professional and health informatics technician, but they also include leadership positions, such health informatics director and business intelligence manager.

Data Analyst

A business data analyst’s main purpose is to create, coordinate and manage all data operations for the organization. They serve as the primary connection between business leaders, IT staff and third-party vendors. They are responsible for using statistical techniques to document and interpret complex data sets that are transformed into ongoing reports. They communicate their detailed findings to company stakeholders by filtering and cleaning information and performance indicators in order to locate and correct problems. Business data analysts design and develop data-based business solutions by using data collection tools, systems and strategies that optimize efficiency and quality.

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EDI Technician

EDI techs, or electronic data interchange technicians, develop analysis, collection and reporting capabilities for organizations. They oversee EDI mapping, updating, documenting and configuring activities. EDI technicians may set up new account profiles in software programs, oversee internal testing operations and provide support for documentation gaps. EDI technicians monitor EDI transactions, transmissions, verifications and reconciliations. They respond to EDI system alerts, respond to EDI help desk tickets and work with IT staff to resolve security issues and system related problems. EDI technicians maintain various records for departmental computer systems and software. They also locate new process improvement opportunities.

Application Technician

Application technicians may specialize in certain areas, like medical, finance or manufacturing data systems. A health care application tech will analyze business and operational processes to integrate and align applications with centralized systems. They resolve customer concerns raised during the installation, maintenance or operation of assigned products. This means that they regularly deal with random errors or regular compatibility matters. These application consultants must be experts in diagnosing problems, coordinating resources, determining resolutions and delivering results.

Application technicians may be responsible for extracting data in order to effectively visualize workflows and process improvement recommendations.

Data Center Manager

Data center managers use advanced statistical tools and techniques to create predictive models, influence business objectives and meet client needs. They promote data-based decision making and analysis through discovering new business opportunities, executing high-priority projects, actively supporting management and creating executing on high-performance values. Data center managers may independently lead modeling projects, sample designs, review meetings and data analysis activities. Their goals include processing data, communicating reports, implementing support, establishing requirements and finalizing deliverables. Data center managers are expected to be able to effectively and proactively communicate with internal stakeholders regarding system design, data specification and model implementations.

Data Analysis Consultant

A data analytics consultant will form, share and execute analytics strategies on behalf of their clients. They must be expert in everything from data collection to corporate organization to technological processing. They must keep up with rapidly evolving technological landscapes in order to help their clients remain competitive and profitable. Most data analysis consultants have strong quantitative backgrounds in analytical disciplines like programming languages, systems engineering and software development. They may be asked to analyze raw data collections in order to create meaningful insights while maintaining high levels of scientific rigor and accuracy.

Other great jobs with a data analytics business concentration include customer insights rep, business intelligence analyst, analytics support supervisor and modeling and simulation technician. All of these jobs will require excellent organization, communication and presentation skills.