5 Functions of the American Culinary Federation

Those who have a desire to become a professional chef, or are already working in this profession, should understand some of the functions of the American Culinary Federation (ACF). Founded in 1929, the primary goal of the ACF is to promote the professional image of chefs. The organization also strives to make a positive difference in the lives of culinarians. Here are 5 functions of the American Culinary Federation.

Host Competitions

One of the functions of the ACF is hosting several competitions throughout the year. These competitions help its members to hone their craft while giving them the opportunity to put their skills to the test by participating in a competitive atmosphere. Competitions are also held as a way to raise the standards of excellence in the culinary arts. These competitions are divided into two categories, one for professionals and one for students. Some of the awards handed out include: U.S.A.’s Chef of the Year and ACF Student Chef of the Year.

Grant Certification

Certification gives chefs and cooks a way to prove their knowledge, skills, and professionalism in the foodservice industry. This is important when it comes to finding a job in a competitive market. When a potential employer sees that a chef has acquired certification, it means that a chef is well-versed in culinary nutrition and food sanitation, the chef understands the responsibility of supervisory management, and the chef takes charge of their professional career. The ACF offers 14 different types of certification including: Certified Executive Chef, Certified Master Chef, Personal Certified Chef, and Certified Pastry Culinarian.

Offer Apprenticeship Programs

Through the apprenticeship programs offered by the American Culinary Federation, chefs receive both on-the-job training and individualized classroom instruction. Apprentices work under a supervising chef as they develop their culinary skills and upon completion of the apprenticeship program, chefs can receive nationally-recognized certification. Some other benefits of becoming an apprentice include: the ability to receive mentoring from professional chefs, establish a professional work ethic, and prepare for ACF certification. Apprenticeship is available in either a two-year or a three-year program. Several states throughout the country offer apprenticeship programs.

Host National Events

Another function of the American Culinary Federation is to host annual events such as the Cook. Craft. Create. Convention & Show which offers chefs a chance to come together and receive further education, connect with others in their profession, and take part in hands-on demonstrations. ACF members are able to attend the convention at a discounted rate but non-members are invited to attend as well. Several competitions take place at the convention along with exhibits where food companies feature their latest products and services. Other events that are held a couple of times each year include regional conferences called ChefConnect.

Offer Culinary Resources

One more ACF function involves providing several resources and publications. The goal of these different materials is to keep chefs up-to-date when it comes to the latest culinary trends. One of these important publications is their magazine, The National Culinary Review. They also offer a quarterly publication for students and a bi-weekly newsletter. Besides publications, ACF members also have access to different resources including educational culinary books, a video library, a salary calculator, an ACF e-store, and help with visa requests for chefs from around the world who wish to come to the United States.

The American Culinary Federation provides many benefits for professional chefs, or for those who aspire to become one. By taking advantage of all the functions of the ACF, members will have an edge in their culinary career.
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