5 Facebook Groups for Counselors and Counseling Students

School therapists, psychologists and social workers will benefit from various Facebook groups for counselors. All of these groups provide excellent information on counseling support, resources and professional development. Some of these Facebook groups are closed, so school counselors must send a request to join.

American School Counselor Association

The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) is a leading organization for school counselors across the country. Their ultimate goals are to represent school counselors, uphold ethical practices and promote counseling professionalism. They support school counselors’ plans and efforts to help students achieve academic success, engage their local community and become responsible adults. They have successfully expanded the image and enhanced the influence of school counselors through legal advocacy, local leadership, policy change and mutual collaboration. Most school counselors use the Facebook group and official website to develop new skills, promote student success and connect with other academic professionals.

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Elementary School Counselor Exchange

The Elementary School Counselor Exchange is one of the best Facebook groups for recent graduate-teachers facing new challenges. Group members post and share ideas, advice, questions, plans, lessons and documents. For example, a teacher who will supervise an intern for the first time can request help on how to properly manage expectations, provide support and mentor skill development. Many experienced teachers post articles on the things that they wished they had known when starting out as new counselors, dealing with new bosses or handling hard situations.

Caught in the Middle School Counselors

The Caught in the Middle School Counselors Facebook group is closed, so applicants must send a request to join and participate. This group empowers middle school counselors with the knowledge, resources and advice to handle middle school students transitioning from childhood to adolescence. These counselors will deal with similar, yet unique problems and challenges. Members may find helpful information on the best publications, recent advocacy efforts, new evidence-based research. For example, they may find help on how to help middle school students become more mature at school and more responsible at home.

The High School Counselors’ Network

The High School Counselors’ Network strives to maintain an appropriate membership in their group to create more focused help, powerful movements and professional presence. Because of this, they regularly check members’ Facebook profiles to verify their employment position and school association. This increases comprehensive learning of job related duties and activities in high schools. This group is open only to school counselors, psychologists, social workers and counselor educators. Graduate-level school students may join if they are pursuing a degree related to academic counseling, social work and therapeutic psychology.

School Counselor Central

School Counselor Central allows counselors to monitor action plans, expected outcomes, advocacy contributions and community campaigns. The mission of this Facebook group is to support general school counseling practices, systems and standards through online tools and resources. This includes comprehensive school counseling program writers, networking opportunities and professional management tools. This centralized program helps school counselors with planning, implementing and sustaining a K-12 programs. Many school counselors join this group to improve their high standards of practice and access developmental evidence.

All of these Facebook groups for counselors tend to request that members keep your question brief and their comments neutral. School name and student confidentiality is very important when posting questions and information in these Facebook groups for counselors.