5 Conferences for Special Education in 2016

With a degree in special education, you’ll be helping those who have disabilities. These range from physical problems to mental and emotional ones. To prepare for the line of work, consider attending one or more of this year’s special education conferences. They’ll be held by:

• The World Congress on Special Needs Education or WCSNE
• The Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities or DADD
• The World Disability and Rehabilitation Committee
• The Council for Exceptional Children or CEC
• The American Council on Rural Special Education or ACRES

WCSNE Conference

Temple University in Philadelphia will host the WCSNE conference from August 16 through August 19. The group organizes educational opportunities for students and educators. WCSNE promotes research efforts. It also encourages new teaching methods in special education. The conference’s topics are extensive, and they range from early childhood education to disability rights along with conceptual analysis, performance evaluation techniques and design implementation. If you attend, you’ll have the opportunity to hear presentations about health education, ways to help those with special needs live independently and music education.

DADD’s 17th International Conference

For 2016, DADD’s international conference will be held in Honolulu on January 20 through January 22. The event will focus on the educational field’s need to implement evidence-based strategies and practice verified techniques. Attend the event to hear from professionals in the field and to learn the latest teaching methods. Conference topics will tackle ethical issues when it comes to augmentative and alternative communication. You can also sign up for a comprehensive pre-conference training session on mental health and autism. This conference could help you complete your studies if you’re in the process of getting your degree.

World Disability and Rehabilitation Conference

From January 26 through January 28, the WDRC will be held in Sri Lanka. The event will give attendees insight into the problems facing disabled people in different parts of the world. If you attend, you’ll hear presentations about developmental disabilities, learning disabilities and ethics regarding human rights. At the conference, you’ll have the chance to present research material that you’ve compiled while completing your studies. Publication opportunities will also be available. If you attend, be sure to network with other special education professionals and students since connections in the field often lead to job opportunities.

CEC 2016 Convention and Expo

This year, CEC will be holding its conference in St. Louis from April 13 to April 16. During the event, national and international educators will speak about today’s pressing issues in special education. Presenters will also provide information in the areas of emotional and behavioral disorders as well as in autism spectrum disorders. During its conferences, the organization covers upcoming legislation and new federal policies that are already in place. Hundreds of educational opportunities will be offered at the event. By attending, you’ll have the the chance to network with others who already have a career in special education.

ACRES Conference

Each spring, ACRES holds a national conference. This year’s event will be held from March 9 through March 12 in Las Vegas. ACRES is a nonprofit organization made up of special education teachers, general educators and administrators. The group works to improve educational opportunities for those who require special services and live in rural areas. During the conference, presenters will recommend teaching techniques and discuss ways that technology can help you in the field. By attending this year’s ACRES conference, you’ll learn how to diversify your teaching style.

Career Opportunities

As a special education teacher, you’ll have many career opportunities since the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that the field will continue to grow. Because the career area requires you to teach various subjects to those who need special services, the line of work is interesting and fulfilling.

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