5 Careers in Graphic Design

Graphic Design Career Opportunities

  • Multimedia Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Photo Editor/Photoshop Artist
  • Layout Artist
  • Logo Designer

Graduates of graphic design programs typically find there are various careers in graphic design. Graphic designers create visual designs and concepts to help sell ideas that inspire, captivate and motivate consumers. They make their designs either by hand or by using computer software. Graphic designer’s work can be found in magazines, advertisements, reports, and brochures. There are several careers in graphic design for individuals with degrees and experience.

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1. Multimedia Designer

Multimedia design is one of the most commonly heard of graphic design jobs. Multimedia designers create audio files, videos and animated images using sound, art, and design skills. To be a successful multimedia designer, the individual must have creativity, imagination and strong technical knowledge of various software applications. In addition to creating and producing drawings, scale models, plans and sketches, the multimedia designer is responsible for directing interpretation designs and designing sets, props and costumes. They also offer technical advice on sound and lighting to ensure the set resembles their designs.

2. Web Designer

Any time people visit a website on the internet, they’re looking at the work of a web designer. Web designers create the layout, graphics and various pages of a web page. They also develop and design the structure and navigational design of a website. In addition to creating the designs, web designers also make the decisions on what content goes on the site, where the content and graphics go and that all the pages flow naturally and correctly. Web designers have become very much in demand in recent years due to our current multimedia industry. Web designers must be highly trained and skillful in graphic design, computer graphics, and the latest internet and computer technology.

3. Photo Editor/Photoshop Artist

Photo editors or Photoshop artists are very much in demand today, especially with eCommerce companies. Using photo-editing software, photo editors take digital images or digital photos and crop, edit or color-correct them. Photo-editing software is one of the most widely used software among graphic designers and photo editors, and these professionals must be skillful in their use. Whether photo editors work for website designers or professional photographers, their work is valuable and highly in demand. Photo editors are used in almost any graphic design career.

4. Layout Artist

Layout artists are the professionals in charge of laying out text and imaging in an attractive format for printed media. They work with flyers, magazines, brochures, newspapers, posters, books and anything else that uses images and/or text. Layout artists decide not just what goes on the pages but in the order it should go. They arrange photos so their appealing to the eye as well as ensuring the text is pleasing and easy to read. Layout artists often work for magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies and even public relations firms. Many of them also choose to work as freelance layout artists.

5. Logo Designer

Almost every major company has some sort of logo to represent their company, whether it’s Nike with its swoosh or Apple’s apple with the bite taken out of it. Logos are more than just graphic symbols. They’re used to identify a brand, product or company. Logo designers are the masterminds behind creating, updating and implementing these logos in a way that’s unique using different shapes colors and designs. Logo designers are very popular in the graphic design industry.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the type of career in which the graphic designer workers plays a large part in career opportunities. Although graphic designers overall are only expected to see job growth of 4 percent between 2016-2016, graphic designers working in computer systems design are expected to see a 20 percent job growth. Choosing the right job in graphic design can result in rewarding and lucrative careers.