5 Advantages to Obtaining Your M.Ed. Online

5 Benefits To Getting An Online M.Ed.

  • More Flexible Options
  • Often Cheaper
  • School Selection Variety
  • Specialized Education
  • Greater Job Opportunities

There are quite a few advantages to obtaining your M.Ed. online. A greater number of colleges and universities are offering online degree programs, giving students even more options for obtaining a quality education. Students should consider these key benefits of getting this degree online.

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1. More Flexible Options

Choosing to obtain a master’s degree online allows for a number of flexible options not afforded in traditional programs. Students can work and learn at their own pace. Online degrees are especially attractive for students who work regular jobs during the day or have families. They can then do their coursework during nights and weekends when they are available. One of the biggest advantages to an online master’s degree in education is the fact that it is a good alternative option for students who did not major in education for their undergrad. They can instead get an M.Ed. and then get certified as a teacher in their state.

2. Often Cheaper

Although it is important to remember that online college programs are not always cheaper than traditional, in-person programs, they often are. This is especially evident when factoring in any room and board costs because students earn these degrees from the comfort of their own home. They, therefore, don’t need to worry about on- or near-campus living costs or commuting. On average, credit hour costs are cheaper too. Depending on the institution, financial aid may be available as well. Scholarships may be accepted and loans are always an option.

3. School Selection Variety

One of the biggest advantages to obtaining your M.Ed. online is the variety of school and program options available. There are simply more choices. Instead of being limited to educational institutions near where the student lives, they can choose from any online program in the country or even abroad. This is understandably beneficial because students can choose a university that has the specific classes and program offerings they want as well as the accreditation and credentials they would like to put on their resume.

4. Specialized Education

Teachers who opt to get an M.Ed. online will improve their teaching skills and their understanding of education overall. Getting a master’s degree provides teachers a much more in-depth understanding of education, the theories behind it, student learning patterns and more. Courses are generally much more specialized, giving students the freedom to customize their degree around specific educational subjects that are of most interest to them. This is a huge advantage because it allows students to only take the classes they want to take.

5. Greater Job Opportunities

Getting an M.Ed. online opens up a number of job opportunities that students would not otherwise have with just a bachelor’s degree. These jobs are typically in administrative positions, which put holders of this degree in a much better position to implement system-wide change for the betterment of students. In addition to opening the door to greater job opportunities, holders of this degree generally have higher salary expectations, making it a viable option for advancing any career in education. PayScale reports that the average annual salary for a school administrator is $61,642 with the highest making over $100,000.

Obtaining an M.Ed. online can be the right choice for many students. It is often cheaper and more convenient. Remember these advantages to obtaining your M.Ed. online if you choose to pursue this master’s degree.