5 Advantages of Studying Nursing Online

5 Benefits of Pursuing an Online Nursing Degree

• Flexibility

• Cost

• Technology

• Networking

• Accessibility

Because nursing is a very rewarding and in-demand career, many individuals are pursuing nursing as a career, and many wonder about the advantages of studying nursing online. Distance learning continues to be very popular today because of the flexibility it offers students. Because nursing is such a competitive field and nursing programs every bit as competitive, many students find that online nursing programs are the ideal choice for obtaining their nursing degrees. Here are five advantages of studying nursing online.

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1. Flexibility

Online programs are known for the flexibility they offer to students. Students can log into the school from home, work or wherever they happen to be. Everynurse.org indicates that flexibility is one of the main reasons why students choose online nursing programs. Some students can’t afford to quit their jobs to attend school fulltime. Online programs allow students to work at their own pace and at their convenience and still continue to work or meet other obligations. They can choose whatever time of day they want to do coursework and assignments.

2. Cost

Cost is probably one of the biggest factors determining if a student attends college and what college the student attends. Online nursing colleges are much more affordable than on-campus programs. Most colleges charge a certain rate per credit. Although online nursing students typically have to still pay a per-credit rate, they don’t usually have to pay out-of-state tuition. Online nursing students also don’t have the cost of commuting, lodging, meals and similar expenses incurred by on-campus students.

3. Technology

Technology is huge in the world today, especially in the healthcare industry. Online nursing programs use modern technology through almost every part of the program right from the first day. Students must have computers and must be proficient on computers. The more they advance in the program, the better they become at computers and computer software. This is looked very favorably by potential employers, and it provides the students with an advantage as they advance in their careers. Because they’re working at their own pace in their homes, they can learn about technology at their pace as well without the pressure of other students watching

4. Networking

Despite online nursing being completed off campus, students still have the opportunities to network with over nursing students. Students in an on-campus program are often so busy trying to keep up with classes and homework that there’s not much time to socialize with other students. This is often not the case with online nursing programs because students can communicate through email, discussion boards and the virtual classroom. Nursing students and licensed nurses can join nursing associations and network with each other on school problems, job openings and anything else they desire to discuss.

5. Accessibility

When an individual becomes an online nursing student or decides to look for a nursing school, there isn’t a concern about finding a school that’s accessible because online nursing schools are almost everywhere. It’s easier to obtain nursing qualifications when the school is easily accessible. The fact that they can study from home and still work in their community makes earning the nursing degree much easier. The student also doesn’t have to worry about traveling a great distance. Because online nursing schools are everywhere, the student can choose a college based on rank and choice rather than location.

Registered nurses are expected to see an employment growth of 15% during the decade of 2016-2026, which makes nursing an attractive career choice as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The many advantages of studying nursing online are making it possible for more candidates to pursue this career.