5 Advanced Education Degrees That You Can Get Online

Online Graduate Degrees You Can Earn Online

  • Master Of Education
  • Master Of Education In Special Education
  • Bilingual Master’s of Education
  • Doctorate In Education – Professional Studies In Education
  • Education Specialist – Leadership in Educational Administration

You know that online programs are beneficial, but did you also know it’s possible for you to earn advanced online education degrees? It’s true, online learning is making it much easier for educators to continue their own education while teaching young students. Here are five of the best education degrees you can earn online.

Master Of Education

The most common advanced online education degree is the Master of Education. This is the most popular advanced degree among educators who wish to advance their career, work at higher levels of education, or for those who would like to specialize in their field of teaching. This program comes with varying levels of concentrations; this depends on the online school conferring the degree. Most degrees, however, are accredited, paving the way for licensure for these educators.

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Master of Education In Special Education

The Master of Education in Special Education is offered as an online program all over the country; it focuses educators on the task of teaching students with special education needs. This degree can offer concentrations, including pre-K, primary, and secondary schooling; these are necessary concentrations as the needs for these students changes as they progress through their education. Practicum requirements are always completed in a student’s area of residence and the program culminates with a student taking their licensure exam after graduation.

Bilingual Master’s Of Education

The bilingual master’s of education is a professional degree that can be earned online. This is a very specific program that enables teachers who work in areas where more than one language is spoken to have confidence in their curriculum and instruction. The degree, which is generally accredited and therefore provides a path forward for students to become licensed to teach, is part of the Language Diversity Network, a system designed to provide teachers with the education necessary to teach students who may not have a grasp of the English language yet. This program is conferred in states with a high Spanish-speaking population; however, metropolitan areas all over the country are now seeking educators with this degree.

Doctorate In Education – Professional Studies In Education

One of the best terminal degrees in education that you can find online is the Doctorate of Learning, Instruction, and Innovation. This is a professional degree that focuses on the varying aspects that make up the education system in America. Curriculum, technology, innovation, and assessment measurements are all part of the overall education in this program; it was designed for practicing educators who are interested in moving up to leadership roles, both in the public and private sectors.

Education Specialist – Leadership in Educational Administration

The Education Specialist degree is an online degree that is generally recognized by the Educational Leadership Constituents Council. It is a professional, terminal degree that is necessary for educators who would like to lead a school, a school district, or would like to be licensed as a principal or superintendent for primary or secondary schools. This program is also generally accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, making it possible for students with this degree to apply for licensure in their state of residency. It is also possible to use this degree to become a professor at the college and university level.

Educating young people is a rewarding career, but it doesn’t mean that your own career goals have to take a backseat. With online education, you can pursue your goals while enriching the lives of your students. You’ve learned about five advanced online education degrees you can earn; now, do some research to see if your dream degree is available online now.