Why Does a College Campus of Mostly Young People Need to Close for COVID-19

Most college campuses have closed down due to COVID-19, and the reason for this is due to the concept of social distancing and the need to flatten the curve. Many may wonder why campuses that house mostly young people need to shut down. While it’s unfortunate and may cause a great deal of upheaval, the need to separate people living in such close quarters is necessary in order to stop the spread of the virus. Read on to gain insight into this crucial matter and why it’s important for the health and safety of the nation.

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Why Flatten the Curve

Flattening the curve may be the most important concept when it comes to saving lives during this global pandemic. Containing the coronavirus requires slowing its spread. COVID-19 has been shown to take a turn for the worse quite quickly, to the point where breathing becomes impossible for many. Unless the rate at which individuals are infected is slowed down, hospitals will become overloaded and medical staff won’t have enough beds or equipment to treat the critically ill. In addition, critical healthcare professionals will likely begin to become sick themselves. That’s where the idea of flatting the curve comes in.

The term “the curve” is used in reference to the number of people who will likely contract a disease over a certain amount of time as shown on a graph. The flatter the curve, the better. That’s because a curve that is less steep shows that the spread of disease is occurring over a longer period of time. This is preferred so that healthcare professionals aren’t overcome with a huge number of patients all at once.

About Social Distancing

Distancing is what is needed in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. By keeping people physically apart as much as possible, the virus won’t be able to be passed from person to person as readily. There are a number of ways to practice this social distance. One is to limit large gatherings. Another is to ensure that individuals who don’t live together in the same household try to remain at least six feet apart from each other when they do come in contact. Many state government officials are closing schools and businesses in order to make this happen.

Why Close College Campus

College campuses can be a breeding ground for the spread of disease. That’s because students live in close proximity and are together in classroom buildings throughout much of their days. According to Teen Vogue, the current shut down of colleges is having a great effect on students. However, keeping college students physically apart is also likely to have a positive impact on flattening the curve and containing the spread of coronavirus.

Even though college students may be young, they aren’t invincible. The closing of campuses will help to ensure the healthcare system isn’t inundated with patients and that the nation has a chance to contain the pandemic. Social distancing and taking steps to flatten the curve are paramount to this effort.