What are Online Christian Colleges Like?

In today’s world of advanced technology, attending universities online has become commonplace. Students have a wide range of online teachings to choose from, ranging from the secular to universities specializing in Christian principles and tenets.

While there are many areas where secular online universities and Christian online universities appear similar, there are some avenues that separate the Christian universities from their secular counterparts.

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While not every online Christian university adheres to a strict faith-based regime, most of them have definite boundaries they expect students and faculty to respect. In fact, many Christian universities insist upon students showing respect to each other, to the faculty, and to present themselves in a manner that is representative of their Christian faith.

What are Online Christian Colleges Like?


Attending an online Christian university can give students an incredible chance to network with both Christian alumni, as well as fellow students. Students participating in online discussions can form long-lasting friendships that eventually transition over into meeting face-to-face – and those can also lead to actual job interviews and employment offers.


Of course, just because an online university is Christian-oriented does not mean that secular students cannot enroll. Many Christian universities encourage secular students to participate in the classes and to keep an open mind about the educational process. By exposing students from all walks of life to each other and presenting their ideas and opinions in a Christian environment, both secular and Christian often find common ground on a variety of societal issues.

Financial Aid

Many online Christian universities have generous financial aid packages available to their students. Many of these universities have financially successful alumni who donate their time and their money to helping out students within the system who need a helping hand.

A recent article in U. S. News and World Report highlighted the fact that enrollment in steadily rising at large Christian colleges, both online and with physical presences.

Brick-and-Mortar Classrooms

Some online Christian universities also have a brick-and-mortar presence. Some students are able to attend classes in a traditional environment for part of their education and finish out the rest of their degrees online. This flexibility works well for students who are working jobs that have shifting hours, as well as students who have families they need to care for.


There are many misconceptions about Christian universities, both physical and online. The most common one is that Christian universities have below-average science programs. Naturally, this misconception is absurdly wrong. Colleges such as Davidson have studies in astrophysics, biology, genomics, and experimental physics. Emory University in Georgia has a strong graduate degree program in environmental science. Online Christian colleges are just as capable of teaching the hard sciences as the secular online universities.

Employment Advantages

Attending an online Christian university can help identify students to potential employers in a favorable light. Christian values in the workplace can help promote fellowship, compassion, and strong morals – all of which are traits potential employers value and look for in job applicants.

Whether a student is secular or religious, the benefits of attending an online Christian college cannot be ignored. By being exposed to Christian values and studies, individuals find themselves becoming more well-rounded, as well as open-minded.