Online BSN Degree: Will My Employer Think it’s a Good Idea?

Earning an online BSN degree can help you advance your nursing career. If you would like to move up the ranks and earn a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, studying online is now an option. With advances in IT and database technology, it is possible for schools to teach college students a wide array of different skills and subjects while the students study from home.

Less than a decade ago, online college programs had a tarnished reputation because of just a few diploma mills offering diplomas that were worth nothing more than the paper they were printed on. Now, with new accrediting agencies and reputable schools transitioning to the online space, many degrees are perceived highly. Before you decide that a distance education program is right for you as a nursing student, read on and learn what employers think when an online BSN program is listed on an applicant’s resume.

Online Nursing Programs Are Gaining Acceptance

Brick-and-mortar colleges have always been the primary option to study for a Bachelor of Science in nursing, but times are changing. How your online degree is perceived depends upon the recruiter or hiring manager who is reviewing your resume. While online BSN degree programs that are delivered via the Internet are fairly new, they are growing to be quite popular.

The more online programs that are introduced, the more familiar these hiring managers become. There are old-school managers who are not open to change and may look down upon the online degree, but a majority of employers are coming along as online degrees in all fields become more mainstream. According to CNN, 83 percent of executives said that online degrees are just as good as traditional degrees and 61 percent claimed to be familiar with program offerings.

The Accreditation Issue

One of the most important things to consider when you are looking for any type of BSN program is its accreditation status. Accreditation is a voluntary credential that is issued to schools once their programs are assessed and it has been verified that it meets a high standard. Whenever you are going to enroll in a program in the field of nursing, you should check to see if that program is affiliated with the Commission On Collegiate Nursing Education. If the school does have an accreditation, you will be able to stress that the content of your courses were just as comprehensive as any other CCNE-accredited program that is delivered on-site.

Using Your Online Degree to Market Yourself

As an applicant, you can actually turn a your online nursing degree into something to market yourself. Most students studying online are balancing 10- to 12-hour work days, family life and college. By showing that you can study independently, manage your time, stay organized and still stay committed, the online degree could get you even more attention than a traditional one.

If you believe that now is the time to pursue an advanced degree, it is time to assess all of your options. Online programs offer more flexibility and freedom than any other program without compromising quality. Be sure to do your homework and to focus strictly on those that are accredited. Once you do this, you will be confident that the online BSN degree that you earn will be seen as a positive on your resume.