Is an Online Business Degree a Good Choice?

An online business degree may be a good choice for self motivated students who choose degree programs that match their learning styles, personal interests and career goals. While earning a university degree does not guarantee that one will be gainfully employed, it does help to open doors to various careers, and working professionals often consider pursuing business degrees through online programs because of the flexibility that these programs usually offer. Here are some other reasons that earning a business degree by studying online may be a good choice in comparison with comparable traditional business degree programs.

Access to World Class Faculty and Peers

Admissions advisors for top conventional business degree programs work hard to fill their limited class seats with bright students from diverse academic, professional and social backgrounds. For online business programs, admissions staff still fill the classes with talented students, but they have a geographically wider pool of applicants from which to choose. Subsequently, students who participate in these programs can work on business projects with peers in China or India who are guaranteed to bring different perspectives to the table. All online students usually have access to a greater number of experienced faculty who may be physically located across town or around the world.

Change of Pace Enhances Knowledge Acquisition and Retention

Many of the top business school programs boast of comprehensive curricula that are undertaken at intensive speeds. However, many scholars benefit from slowing down and studying course topics at their own pace to gain more complete understanding of complex subjects. Most distance learning business degree programs allow students the flexibility to start learning new course topics after they have thoroughly mastered foundational subjects. New online formats allow students to redo interactive learning modules to accomplish this, and experienced faculty members are also available to add clarity to tough subjects as needed.

The Affordability Factor

Although some of the top ranked business schools have begun to charge a premium for online delivery of their degree programs, there are still some bargains out there for students who want to take online business programs and save money in the process. Students simply have to shop around for the right program that fits their academic, professional and budgetary requirements. Also, they should always evaluate all factors when determining the best value program. For example, an online program from a reputable school may appear to cost a little more initially. However, when one factors in other costs like additional gas, parking, child care and commute time for attending traditional degree programs, the online degree program may be more affordable than it appeared at first glance.

Opportunities for Practical Skill Application

Students usually cannot work full time at a professional job effectively when they participate in full time, traditional business degree programs. Alternately, those who take online courses can work at their professional jobs at the same time. This presents unique opportunities to apply business concepts and principles in the work place in near real time. Students can also engage faculty for constructive feedback about the practical application of business theory to their real world scenarios.


The quality of online education has improved and so has its reputation with employers. For example, many online degree program curricula provide the same level of rigor as traditional degree programs offered by universities. Students participating in many of these online business degree programs also benefit from program accreditation and experiential learning opportunities that were once only found with traditional programs.