How Does Graphic Design Affect Marketing?

The aim of marketing is to attract attention. In today’s world, getting that attention has to be the highest priority. When potential customers and clients are being bombarded with a daily tsunami of advertising and marketing gimmicks, it’s vital to businesses and organizations to have effective marketing — and one of the best tools for that marketing is the right graphic design.

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Graphic design plays a key role in branding a product or service. A good graphic design is one that becomes widespread. One example of this is the Apple logo. That logo can be seen on just about every Apple product and when people see that Apple, it automatically brings the company to mind. In this way, the graphic design serves as a means of advertising, even when there isn’t a specific commercial or advertisement in place. In fact, the Apple logo was actually the basis of a major legal battle between Apple Inc. and Apple Records and Apple Inc. was so intent upon that logo being associated with the company they paid Apple Records half a billion dollars to retain the image.

An article in Forbes explained that branding is more than just an image. It is an amalgam of different associations people have with an organization or product. A powerful and successful brand image is vital to a company attracting the attention of potential customers and clients.

First Impression

Part of an effective marketing campaign is presenting the right image to the audience. Graphic design is usually the first impression coming forth and companies need that impression to be positive and professional and to create a sense of trust. Having a graphic design that is poorly rendered or looks like any of a thousand other “cookie-cutter” templates will not have the potential client or consumer willing to spend more time learning more about the company or product.


Graphic design needs to increase the visibility of a product or company. A good graphic design will cause someone to pause to take a moment to take in the design. Ideally, that leads to also taking the time to read or view more information about whatever is being marketed.

Increasing Profits

The aim of marketing is to increase profits and the best way to do that is to get people to notice the product or service. Graphic design hinges upon getting the attention necessary to convince the consumer to spend money upon the product or service.


Graphic design doesn’t remain stagnant. As times change and the audience changes, the graphic design reflects those changes. At one time, a lot of graphic designs used a font known as “Comic Sans.” As time passed, the audience for Comic Sans grew smaller and smaller until it became virtually useless in the field of graphic design.

More and more people are spending less and less time sifting through advertisements and commercials, which is why graphic design has become so important. Companies and organizations need potential customers to stop long enough on their product page or commercial to have its message get delivered one of the most effective ways to accomplish that is through having a powerful graphic design.