How do I Choose a Career to Fit With My College Degree?

Oftentimes, an individual picks a college degree based on CAREER interests. However, for those who are in the opposite position, it is certainly possible to find a good career based on the degree that you have. A number of tools are available today to help college graduates find appealing careers suited to every degree.

Career Services Office

A career services office is one of the best resources for individuals who are trying to pick a career. A career services counselor will sit down with you and look at your skills and background, giving you places to start in looking for a suitable job. There is a career services office in almost every university in the country, and even alumni are welcome to draw on the services of these facilities.

For those who have been out of college for a while or are too far away to make a visit to their career services office convenient. a number of paid career services facilities exist in major cities. These offices can help you style your resume, guide your job search, and give you other professional advice for a service fee.

Career Books

A more do-it-yourself individual might be happy using career books to research their choices. Career books come in a variety of forms; some are guided towards specific degrees, while other are a general list of appealing and relevant jobs. Most libraries hold copies of various career places, so this is a good place to start. For individuals who want to target their resource, bookstores and online vendors have copies of career books related to many of the most common degrees.

Job Postings

A go-getter looking for a career might choose to look directly in the job database. Online sites like,, and list hundreds of jobs in each town. You can get a good sense of which careers are interested in your degree by typing your degree as the keyword in your search. When you find a position that is interesting to you, you can follow up by doing some research on the field. Your research might lead you to other interesting and related positions as well. If you don’t know where to start spending a few hours on these job boards can help you get a grasp on which fields are most interested in you.

Thinking About Your Own Skills

Finding a job to match a college degree doesn’t have to be a headache. Most college degrees allow you to enter various fields, even if they don’t seem directly related to your major. Not all people who major in a specific area end up working in that field. For instance, any humanities degree teaches you how to write and express your ideas fluently; these skills could be applied to writing, negotiating, and business positions easily. Likewise, a science degree can be applied to positions where you need to think critically.

In this way, finding a suitable position is about thinking outside the box. Think of all the skills that you learned during your degree program, and figure out a way that you could package them attractively on your resume. If you can show that you re capable of doing the job and able to work hard, you can land a job in almost any field. A strong mentor, along with the resources above, are helpful in finding the best position possible.