How Can a College Promote Green Initiatives?

Colleges and universities across the United States are becoming more interested in promoting, implementing, and pursuing green initiatives on their campuses. In order for environmentally friendly initiatives to succeed in the short and long term, the must be promoted effectively. There are a number of strategies and tactics a college can pursue to promote green initiatives.

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Enlisting Student Involvement

In this day and age, the typical college or university student has at least a somewhat heightened interest in sustainability issues. Thus, a crucial component of promoting green initiatives is to garner the more direct involvement of students.

When it comes to enlisting students in the promotion of green initiatives and embarking on sustainable practices in their day-to-day lives, the process of engagement should begin at first-semester orientation. In addition, student organizations of all types should be enlisted to take responsibility for promoting and implementing different aspects of a broader sustainability program for a school. These include everything from Greek organizations to student government associations.

Build a Faculty Green Initiatives Team

In addition to enlisting the student population in a college’s sustainability efforts, the faculty and administration also need to buy into a school’s green efforts. The faculty needs to be involved on a couple of different levels. First, the faculty team must directly be connected with a college or university’s green initiatives. Second, faculty members provide an invaluable link between a college’s planned green programming and the student body.

Involve Alumni in Green Initiatives

A third college population that should be involved in the promotion of green initiatives is alumni. The alumni association itself might take specific responsibility for promoting an aspect of a college’s sustainability program. This can include raising funds to enhance the greening of an element of the campus itself. For example, the alumni association or a particular graduated class might take responsibility for upgrading a part of the campus to a more environmentally sustainable level.

How Can a College Promote Green Initiatives

Use College Publications to Full Advantage

A simple and yet vital way in which an institution’s green initiatives effectively can be promoted is through the full use of different college or university publications. These may include everything from the main student newspaper and other campus publications to the alumni magazine. Ideally, information published in college publications should be put forth on a coordinated basis.

Partner with Community Businesses and Organizations

Local businesses and organizations can prove invaluable when it comes to promoting green initiatives on a college or university campus. Some of these entities can provide highly practical assistance. For example, a waste management company may be able to provide recycling bins and canisters for use as part of a green program. In addition, local businesses may be willing to assist in financially underwriting different aspects of a college’s sustainability efforts by being duly recognized for their assistance and support.

A significant number of colleges and universities have been truly successful at implementing comprehensive green initiatives on their campuses. 50 U.S. colleges and universities particularly stand out in this regard, according to The Princeton Review. Underlying these success stories are effective promotional campaigns that incorporate the tactics and tips outlined here.