Can I Get an Online Accounting Degree?

If you have an affinity for spreadsheets and number crunching, you might have considered seeking an online accounting degree program. Although distance learning isn’t right for everyone, online accounting programs have many benefits. In fact, some of the nation’s best business schools have offered distance learning for more than a century, and online programs in accounting are both affordable and competitive.

Benefits to Online Learning

Getting a degree online has many benefits. For many of today’s students, online classes solve problems such as transportation or commuting issues. Online students also have the opportunity to learn on their own schedules rather than being stuck with a firm class schedule that might interfere with work or family obligations. Introverted students who tend to get lost in the clamor of traditional classroom settings often excel in online learning environments.

Things to Look for in an Online Accounting Degree

The best online classes offer opportunities for interaction between students and the instructor as well as for peer interaction among students. When choosing an online accounting program, make sure the programs to which you apply offer interactive sessions online as well as a flexible program to fit your schedule.

When choosing an online accounting program, you need to look at factors specific to this field of study also. It may help to talk to alumni of the program as they can give some perspective on how useful the online degree is in the work world. You should also compare the coursework and class requirements of online programs with traditional accounting degree programs. Be wary of programs that cut corners on course requirements, and make sure the programs to which you apply have a good reputation for assisting students and recent graduates procure employment in accounting jobs.

Drawbacks to an Online Degree Program

No degree program is perfect, and an online degree program has certain drawbacks. If you tend to be disorganized and have trouble making time to complete classwork, an online program in accounting might not be right for you. You need to be able to devote about 10 hours a week to each online class you take, and you will be responsible for watching and listening to lectures as well as participating in required peer study sessions or other online activities. The absence of a formal classroom setting may make it more difficult for some students to learn. If this describes you, you may be better off choosing a traditional classroom setting in which to receive your accounting degree.

The information age has opened many new opportunities for higher education. People in many different fields of study are getting their degrees online, and business-related degrees are some of the highest rated online programs out there. If you have a strong work ethic and are computer savvy, you might consider online learning. An online accounting degree can help those who have difficulty commuting to a physical classroom or working around a traditional class schedule receive their education for a career in accounting, tax preparation services and other financial services.