Are Some Colleges More Environmentally Aware Than Others?

Some schools are definitely more concerned about saving the environment than others. If you are an environmentally-conscious individual and you are planning to attend college in the near future, it can be beneficial to you to pursue a school that is environmentally aware and that commits to helping reduce their own carbon footprint while researching ways other consumers and businesses can do the same. If you would like to learn about the ways that eco-friendly colleges are helping students go green while they get a formal education, read on.

Colleges With Sustainable Campuses

One way that a college shows that they are environmentally aware is by designing an environmentally-focused campus or by adopting changes that increase sustainability. Pollution and waste are becoming some of society’s most important issues, and colleges what have more sustainable campuses than others are doing so to cut costs, reduce emissions and also to change the way that future business people of the world think.

There are a variety of ways that sustainability can become a focus for people who spend a majority of their college career on campus. Many schools have started to make changes by ordering only local food for the cafeteria, adopting solar technologies to reduce fossil fuel consumption, and by growing their own agriculture on campus or raising their own farm animals.

Sustainability issues arise when there are large student populations. Some schools have decided that being environmentally conscious is more important than admitting students that will fill classrooms. Other colleges have activities that are sustainability focused so that students can make a difference and recommend possible changes.

Colleges that Have Earned Awards on their Design

One way to find a school that is very committed to going green is to refer to the list of colleges that have received the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design certification. The LEED Platinum Certification is the highest rating a building can receive and shows that the building’s green design, construction, maintenance and operations are best-in-class.

Colleges with Green Programs

A college can go green to save money or even to reduce their tax obligations, but you may be more interested in a school that teaches you have to be green-minded or how to find a career in a related field. Many colleges realize that environmental issues are at the forefront of social issues that are discussed today at a personal and a corporate level. There are many schools that offer majors in environmental studies, sustainability, environmental policy, geosciences, and ecological restoration. It is up to you to determine if your passion for these issues will drive you enough to pursue a career in an eco-friendly field.

While some schools are much more focused on profits or reducing budgets than they are with implementing sustainable changes, there are colleges that are becoming more environmentally aware. By making an effort to reduce waste and finding ways to reduce dependence on fuel, colleges can make a change by getting as close to carbon-neutral as possible. Find a school as concerned about the environment as you and you will be able to pursue your passion.